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People often ask me if it’s hard to practice veganism on NYU’s campus. The answer is, for the most part, no. There are vegan options in every one of NYU’s dining locations. No matter where I am on campus, I can find a bite to eat. In fact, trying not to spend my money on all the amazing vegan food New York City has to offer is the biggest challenge I face as a vegan on NYU’s campus. New York City is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. What’s more, there’s a huge variety of delicious vegan meals in all five boroughs. Here is a small list of some of the best vegan eats I’ve found around campus in my three years at NYU.

Quick Bites

Gregorys Cofee vegan option.
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Gregorys Coffee

Gregorys Coffee is a local coffee chain that was founded in Manhattan. They offer coffee, tea, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries. The closest shop is just a 5-minute walk south of Gallatin. I recommend trying the Vegan Deluxe sandwich with Beyond Sausage and Just Egg.


Tompkins Square Bagelsʼ facade.
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Bagel Shops

Can you name something better than a fresh New York–style bagel straight from the oven? Iʼll wait, but I donʼt think you can. There are plenty of shops that serve vegan bagels and tofu cream cheese around campus. Most notably, Bagel Bobʼs on University Place, Brooklyn Bagels on Eighth Street, and Tompkins Square Bagels in the East Village. Bonus: Bagel Bobʼs offers an NYU student discount!

NY Dosas

NY Dosas

If you have the opportunity, you must try something from the famous NY Dosas food cart in Washington Square Park. There’s always a line outside of this 100 percent vegan vendor, so make sure to come early because the food sells out quickly!

A vegan cheese pizza.
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Artistic Pizza

When in New York City, do as New Yorkers do and have a slice of pizza! Right off MacDougal Street, Artistic Pizza serves vegan slices! I recommend the vegan pepperoni and vegan Hawaiian.

A vegan shop on NYUʼs campus.
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Little Atlas Cafe

If you only have 10 minutes to get to your next class and need a quick sandwich, I recommend trying something from the Little Atlas Cafe. Fun fact: this hole-in-the-wall shop is less than a block away from the Bonomi Family Admissions Center, so you’ll often find Admissions Ambassadors hanging out there. The vegan BLT sandwich with avocado is my favorite.

Dine-In Spots

A plate of vegan waffles.
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Urban Vegan Kitchen

Urban Vegan Kitchen is a great spot to take all your vegan friends. The restaurant is about a 15-walk from Washington Square Park and offers amazing brunch and dinner menus. I am obsessed with the jackfruit quesadillas. Get them with a side of vegan sour cream and thank me later!

The authorʼs meal at Spicy Moon.
My dinner at Spicy Moon.
Spicy Moon

Spicy Moon is a vegan Szechuan restaurant located right behind the Kimmel Center for University Life. This is one of my favorite vegan eats around NYU. They have an amazing mapo tofu dish! If you’re like me and can’t take the heat, try the scallion pancakes and the barbecue seitan bun! 

Three hamburger dishes.
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If you’re dining with non-vegans, you might want to check out Bareburger. Half of the menu is vegan and includes items like burgers, milkshakes, and desserts! The closest one to campus is located right next to NYU’s Laguardia Co-op.

Something Sweet

Admissions Ambassador Joyce at 16 Handles.
Admissions Ambassador Joyce at 16 Handles.
16 Handles

If you love Froyo, check out 16 Handles! They offer vegan frozen yogurt flavors made with Oatly. There’s also a variety of vegan toppings including cookie dough! The one closest to campus is a block away from Alumni Hall.

A pint of vegan Van Leeuwen ice cream.
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Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream offers a variety of vegan ice-cream flavors and one of the best vegan chocolate chip cookies in New York City. There are three shops within a mile radius of campus, so you can always satisfy your ice-cream cravings. I recommend trying any of the special seasonal flavors or the Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam!

Drinks from Lazy Sundaes.
Lazy Sundaes

Lazy Sundaes, formerly known as Boba Guys, is a super popular boba shop right in the middle of campus on Waverly Place. The Strawberry Matcha Latte with oat milk is a fan-favorite vegan drink. They also offer vegan bingsoo!

A variety of vegan pastries.
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[plant-baked] is a 100 percent vegan bakery in the East Village near Tompkins Square Park. You can be sure to find some immaculate vegan pastries when they’re open Wednesday through Sunday.

A food market.

There’s So Much to Try!

I could go on all day about the amazing vegan food near NYU’s campus, but there’s only so many words I can fit into this article. Whether you’re vegan or not, I hope you find the opportunity to try some of these incredible vegan eats around NYU.

Zani is an Assistant Director of Admissions for NYU Abu Dhabi and the Global Admissions team, based in New York. She is also a NYU Tisch alumna, former RA and Admissions Ambassador. She is a travel enthusiast and vegan foodie. In her free time you can catch her directing independent documentary films.