NYU's Urban Campus

NYU’s campus is really in-and-of the city of New York placed in the heart of Manhattan. Because of this, NYU students grow and become more independent. I always say that I love how I am living my life in New York City while also taking classes. I grab coffee at my favorite coffee shop on the way to class, or get lunch at the food cart outside of my residence hall. The urban campus also really helps students transition into the “real world” after graduation too. Living without a central campus allows NYU students to become more independent. Not to mention, the location really allows for amazing internships and job opportunities. NYU designed its campus to open up opportunities for you, help you become more independent, and keep your belly full!

Washington Square Park

The Number of Programs, Majors and Minors Available

One of the unique things about NYU is how flexible they are with majors and minors. What I mean is you can be a math major but also minor in music and cross-school minor in educational theater, like me! I’m taking two acting classes and two math courses this semester and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do they let you mix and match majors and minors that already exist, but they even have a school where you can create your own major. Gallatin School of Individualized Study allows you to pick your own concentration, allowing you to tailor your education to exactly what you want to explore. NYU really lets you explore all your interests and never limits what you can study!

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Amazing Professors and Professional Staff

The staff and the professors at NYU really make this school great. Without them, this university would not run at all. It’s no secret that we have some pretty well-know professors. Sometimes, it’s the ones you don’t expect that impact you the most. My Calculus professor was so kind and cared about us so much. Not only was she an amazing teacher, but she took the time to help us and really understand the material. But what we don’t think about as much is the amazing staff we have here too.

Every Residence Hall will have a Residence Hall Assistant Director (RHAD). Mine my first year was an extremely inspiring lady. She helped me find a place at NYU by helping me apply for jobs and finding opportunities she thought I would be interested in. The people who work at NYU really make the university what it is. It would not be NYU without them.

Endless Opportunities

So, as you know, NYU is in the middle of New York City. And living and taking classes in the middle of NYC is the perfect place to be if you want to find internships, volunteer work, or jobs. New York has so many opportunities for college students and they are all right at your front door at NYU. Our Wasserman Center for Career Development can help you seize these opportunities and apply to all these amazing positions. I know people who have worked on TV shows or movies and people who have internships with The Met or at MoMA. No matter what you are pursuing, there are places that need help and want students like you!

students outside of John Oliver's

The People

The people are probably my favorite thing about this school! Every single student is passionate and driven by something. Everyone has a niche that they explore. That means, every student does everything they can to make the most of their NYU experience. No one feels pressured to take on too much. They gladly do it because they have so many interests and want to proactively get involved. This kind of mentality on campus really motivates me to be involved and to follow my passions too. It makes me want to explore all of my interests and gets me excited about being involved in and out of the school. The people really bring out the best in each other.

Students jumping near Washington Square Arch