NYU Shanghai’s two-story cafeteria, located on the B1 and B2 floors, spans 1,250 square meters and seats 360 diners. It features 14 food stalls offering a variety of dishes, including Chinese, Western, Halal, and vegetarian options, catering to the diverse dietary needs of the university’s global community.


aerial view of the canteen dining area at NYU Shanghai

The cafeteria’s modern design, bright furnishings, and abundant natural light create a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying meals and socializing. Emphasizing quality and freshness, the cafeteria ensures every dish is prepared to high standards, making it a popular dining destination for students, faculty, and staff. This vibrant space serves as a central hub for the NYU Shanghai community to come together and share a diverse culinary experience.

a student orders lunch at the NYUSH canteen
An electronic menu
Close up on a meal from the NYU Shanghai canteen