NYU Berlin

A group of study away students sitting in front of the Berliner Dom in Berlin.
Study Away at NYU Opens Up Opportunities for Immersion

NYU students participate in experiential learning across the world.

A street corner in Berlin.
NYU Berlin: Study Away in Germany

As an NYU student, the world is your classroom. Here’s what’s waiting for you at NYU Berlin.

A student studying art abroad reads from a book while crouched over his painting on the floor
Studying Art Abroad Takes Your Creativity Across Continents

From Paris to Buenos Aires and Berlin to Abu Dhabi, students find a world of inspiration by studying art abroad in NYU's global network.

A group of NYU students walk in front of a section of the Berlin Wall.
Reflecting on the Fall of the Berlin Wall 30 Years Later

Students at NYU Berlin witness history this as they celebrate 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.