College of Arts & Science

A student working on a engineering project
A CAS Double Major Shows That Physics and Art History Go Hand in Hand

As a double major at NYU, Hillary Gao ‘20 merged her interdisciplinary interests as a student, researcher, and intern. Today, she continues to balance art and science.

female student in physics lab
This or That: Physics vs. Applied Physics

Yes, there are two different physics programs at NYU. Yes, they are in two different schools. What's the difference? We'll tell you!

A crowd of people at a yellow crosswalk.
How NYU Cross-School Minors Can Help Shape Your Future

NYU offers over 100 cross-school minors that undergraduates from any NYU school or program can pursue. Students may also pursue an additional major within CAS.

Four characters from different movies.
This or That: Tisch or CAS Cinema Studies

Our cinema studies programs teach storytellingʼs creative and technical aspects in the broader historical, philosophical, and geopolitical contexts of film.

Mykhal Young standing outside and smiling.
Research Makes Mykhal Youngʼs World Go Round

A senior with a passion for epidemiology, Mykhal Young found a second home in the research lab.

The American flag raised in front of a white building in Washington, DC.
The Intersectionality of the American Studies Program

American studies majors in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis explore the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality in America.

A student writing at a desk.
NYU History Students Bring Fresh Perspectives to the Past

The Historian, a student-run journal, highlights undergraduate students’ original historical research.

Three students together.
Oh the Places You’ll Go! International Relations at NYU

Making the decision of what to study at NYU can be difficult. Read about why Sean decided to major in international relations.

A decorative image depicting a pill bottle and geometric shapes.
Prehealth at NYU: It’s Not a Major—It’s a Path

You can stay on track for a career in health and get ready to apply to medical school while still holding onto your academic flexibility.