Civic Engagement

A person holding a reusable water bottle with stickers on it
Waste Education Coordinator: A Student Job with No Time to Waste

As waste education coordinator, Lily Kunkel decreases waste and increases awareness across campus.

A student working in a garden.
The Green Zone: Where Sustainability and Justice Intersect

NYU’s One Zone trainings provide community members with the education and tools to make an impact. The Green Zone focuses on building a more sustainable and equitable future.

A raised first in front of an NYU flag.
Student Activism at NYU: Past, Present, and Future

Empowered by policy education and campus advocacy groups, generations of student activists have found their voice at NYU.

Clay Cane, Munroe Bergdorf, Charles Blow, and Amanda Seales on stage at an African Heritage Month panel discussion.
African Heritage Month at NYU

A time for reflection, discussion, celebration, and progress.

Victor Okoth images on a motorcycle, with his brother and on a TV show
In Support of the Pan-African Passport

NYU Abu Dhabi student spent the summer driving across more than 6,000 miles of eastern and southern Africa. Victor's aim was to raise awareness for a Pan-African passport.

RJ Khalaf
A Desire to Lead

RJ Khalaf has the vision and foresight to effect change where it’s needed most.

Krista Young, an entrepreneur dedicated to social impact and civic engagement
Creating Social Impact

Krista Young builds businesses with a social conscience