Liberal Studies

Graison Gill in his chef’s apron, covered in baking flour.
For Graison Gill, Baking Connects and Heals

Liberal Studies alum Graison Gill, a baker and educator, believes bread has the power to connect people to each other and the world.

Students hanging out outside in Florence, Italy.
Experience the World ASAP with NYU First Year Away

Liberal Studies offers students the incredible opportunity to begin their NYU experience with a year in Florence, London, Madrid, or Washington, DC.

NYU Liberal Studies student Jakiyah Bradley smiling.
From Liberal Studies to Gallatin: Jakiyah’s NYU Journey

Jakiyah Bradley explored her interests in the Liberal Studies Core, then brought them all together at Gallatin.

Liberal Studies student Diya Radhakrishna.
Liberal Studies Gave Diya the Right Tools in the Right Setting

As a student in Global Liberal Studies with a concentration in politics, rights, and development, Diya has studied across contexts and borders.

Students hanging out on the steps of a statue in Florence.
First Year Away: The Student Perspective

Are you interested in studying abroad? NYU students describe their experiences in the Liberal Studies First Year Away Program.

First Year Away: NYU Madrid Edition

Start your NYU education off with a global perspective by studying away in Madrid, Spain.

The window display of a Liberal Studies building at NYU.
So What IS the Liberal Studies Core?

The Liberal Studies Core is a two-year track that allows students to integrate travel into their curriculum while learning in a small-class environment.

Students sitting in a classroom.
Choosing a Major: A Step-by-Step Guide

Choosing a major in college can feel like an insane amount of’s my step-by-step guide for indecisive students.

Taylor Norman
Amplifying Voices: Native Studies at NYU

From her native Oklahoma to NYU Sydney, Taylor Norman sheds light on the struggle of Indigenous people.