A group of students and professor talking.
Shape the Future of Business at NYU

As values shift, technology evolves, and economies expand and contract, NYU students are discovering new ways to move business forward and become the leaders we need.

Portrait of Frank Rimalovski standing and smiling for the camera within the eLab facility.
How to Be a Student Entrepreneur at NYU

If you have dreams of being a student entrepreneur, there are resources for you at the Leslie eLab. Whether you want to start with the basics or you already have a million-dollar idea, you should come check it out.

A bird's eye view of Washington Square Park, showcasing fall foliage and the arch.
The NYU Monthly Roundup: November 2019

From research and outreach to exhibits and awards, there’s always something amazing happening in the NYU community.

Joint winners of the Audience Choice trophy at Demo Day.
Student Start-Ups Shine at NYU Entrepreneurship Event

From socially conscious consumer products to more efficient motors, NYU student entrepreneurs entered the spotlight at Demo Day to prove they have what it takes to found successful businesses.

Bird's-eye view of Washington Square Park.
The NYU Monthly Roundup: October 2019

From research and outreach to exhibits and awards, there's always something amazing happening in the NYU community.

Kleinz Samuel
Playing Catch-Up

How the fear of lagging behind drove Kleinz Samuel forward.

Zhener Ma and Yilun Wu
Taking On Taboos

An animated program helps college students explore sensitive subjects.

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Safety First

A new driving app helps rid the road of reckless drivers.

Saranya Ramadurai and Semran Thamer in front of a illustrated heartbeat.
CardiaCare Helps the Beat Go On

Nearly half of all adults in the United States are at risk for heart problems. NYU students are doing something about it.

Artin Perse
Overdose Control

Learn how a “smart” pill bottle can prevent prescription drug abuse.