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View of a bridge over water in New York City.

With more than 230 undergraduate areas of study and over 3,000 courses each year, NYU offers students boundless academic possibilities. And, as the world opens up once again, students can take advantage of the University’s global network.

What’s more, the opportunities at NYU continue even after the semester ends. Whether you’re taking a summer course during Summer Session or a winter course during January Term (J Term), you can earn credit toward your degree while broadening your mindset. Go beyond the classroom and outside the limits of the regular college schedule.

NYU Abu Dhabi students.
Focus on Fieldwork at NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi offers J Term courses in 15 cities and summer research opportunities at universities across the world. With an emphasis on global education, many of these programs highlight experiential learning and international fieldwork. Therefore, they connect students with people, sights, and stories outside the classroom. For example, aspiring marine biologists can study climate change by counting the number of sea urchins in different Arabian Gulf reef sites. At the same time, social work students can travel to Zambia to interview students with disabilities about their experiences with school violence.

Andrés López, a Biology major, had “an amazing experience” taking Diversity. This summer course begins in Abu Dhabi before taking students to Kenya for nine days. “First, we looked at the evolution of animal species. We examined genetic diversity and how different populations evolve. Then, we looked at how the perception of intelligence and race has changed over time,” he recalls. “Talking about ethnic and racial diversity in a class with 12 students who’ve grown up in 12 different countries and experienced racial discrimination in vastly different ways opened up completely new realms for discussion.”

A student videographer filming with a camera.
Go Global Across NYU’s New York City Campus

NYU’s campus in New York City includes 10 undergraduate programs and schools. Each has its own opportunities to continue learning once the semester wraps up. In addition to choosing among hundreds of Summer Session courses, students can get an international education tailored to their interests. First, the College of Arts and Science hosts a variety of short-term summer abroad programs. Learn about Greek history and art in Athens or spend your days filming and writing about social issues in Accra. Furthermore, at the Tisch School of the Arts, students can spend part of their summer practicing their craft alongside industry professionals. From experiencing the European dance scene in Berlin to writing a full-length script in Florence, there are summer course options for every artistic discipline.

At the Stern School of Business, short-term immersions combine coursework at the New York City campus with international trips, completed over spring break or in January, to enrich the experience. In Stern Around the World in Costa Rica, students travel to Costa Rica and partner with small businesses to further their sustainability programs. Likewise, Tandon School of Engineering students can immerse themselves in specific academic topics through weeklong programs abroad. This year, students taking Buenos Aires: Argentina and the Scientific Imagination will travel to Buenos Aires to visit historic sites and conduct research on how Argentina invents and contests its identity.

A group of students sitting outside NYU Shanghai.
Immerse Yourself at NYU Shanghai

At NYU Shanghai, students hone their Chinese language skills in six- or nine-week immersion programs. First, they sign a pledge to only use Chinese for the duration of the program. This helps them improve their Chinese language competency and cultural awareness. Then, through regular day trips and overnights, students learn about Chinese culture and history while practicing their language skills with locals. Friday meals with faculty members, which give everyone an opportunity to sample a delectable range of Chinese cuisines, is another highlight of the program. Plus, all participants can take a variety of courses in English. Classes range from Foundations of Finance to Creative Game Design and Development.

Additionally, NYU Shanghai offers a number of faculty-led immersive learning trips throughout the year. Each trip connects academic topics to real-world places, taking students outside the classroom to spend a weekend learning from local communities. For instance, through the NYU Shanghai Writing Program’s three-day retreat, students have traveled to Jiuhuashan, one of China’s four holy Buddhist mountains. While there, students used writing, hiking, and exploration to reflect on transience and attachment. Other students have visited Moganshan, an idyllic mountain village, to learn about the local history and practice their Chinese language skills with non-English users from different backgrounds.

NYU students can choose from hundreds of courses during Summer Session and J Term, some of which include a travel component. Here are a few.

New York City Campus
  • Cities and the Fight Against Climate Change
  • Food, Culture and Globalization: Tel Aviv (includes travel to Tel Aviv)
  • Introduction to Fashion Photography (includes travel to Paris)
  • Music of New York
  • Tisch Goes Hollywood (includes travel to Los Angeles)
Abu Dhabi Campus
  • Emergence of the Modern Middle East
  • Engaging Khaleeji Musical Heritage: An Introduction to Applied Ethnomusicology (includes travel to Kuwait)
  • Falconry: Cultural Inheritance and Social Imaginary
  • Plastic Fantastic (includes travel to Manila)
  • Space Diplomacy
Shanghai Campus
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Money
  • Creative Game Design and Development
  • Crimes, Detectives, and Justice in Chinese Culture
  • Journalism and Society in China
  • US-China Relations

Cindy Nowicki is a writer and content strategist in NYU’s Office of Marketing Communications. She enjoys meeting with students to learn about their experiences and telling the stories of all the wonderful things happening at NYU. Cindy holds a BA in English from the University of Richmond and studied English literature at the University of Bristol, England. A Brooklyn native, she still discovers new things about New York City every day. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two young sons.