When school is out for the summer, continued learning through a diverse lineup of exciting, rigorous NYU summer programs is very much in. Thousands of students will meet online, flock to the New York City campus, or some combination of the two to attend NYU summer programs. And regardless of where you are in your educational path, you’ll definitely want to be among them.

NYU has a huge selection of summer programs geared toward a variety of interests for all ages and skill levels. Current and visiting undergraduates can hone their skills and advance their careers with NYU Summer Sessions. At the same time, high school students can get a taste of college life and strengthen their résumés through our high school summer programs.

A group of students working together on a research project.

If You’re a High School Student...

It’s never too early to get a glimpse into the college experience. With NYU Precollege, any high schooler can experience what it’s like to be an NYU student. As a member of NYU’s global network, you’ll discover and develop your academic interests, study alongside other talented high school students, and earn college credit. Whether you’ve known your career path since age 5 or you want to explore a subject you’ve never studied before, NYU Precollege will help you prepare for your future.

There are also a variety of summer programs for those with more specific interests. For example, Steinhardt’s music summer programs offer musically inclined high school students the opportunity to find their voice—or their instrument—through a variety of two-week programs. Whether you practice piano for hours every week or dabble in electronic music, you’re sure to find your dream program with options like the Summer Institute of Music Production Technology and the Summer Electronic Music Institute. For the more mechanically minded, NYU Tandon offers programs such as NYU Tandon School of Engineering: Machine Learning and Coding for Game Design. In addition, the Applied Research Innovations in Science and Engineering program provides an exciting opportunity for New York City–based high schoolers to participate in college-level scientific research. What’s more, it’s completely free for admitted students.

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If You’re a Current Student...

Whether you’re a current NYU student or a student from another university who wants to experience NYU, you’ll find a summer program that speaks to you—and knocks out college credits. With Summer Sessions current NYU students and visiting undergraduates can choose from over 1,000 courses, all taught by our world-class faculty. From politics to Portuguese and math to music, there’s an NYU course (or five) for everyone.

Additionally, specialized summer programs offer you the opportunity to delve into specific subjects and develop your expertise. There’s the Summer Journalism at NYU program for up-and-coming reporters. And there’s the Writers in New York program for aspiring authors. There are also a number of options at NYU Steinhardt for those looking to hit some summer high notes. These include brass, percussion, piano, and woodwind intensives, the Songwriters Workshop, and a musical theatre conducting course.

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If You’re a Visiting Student...

High school graduates and undergraduates at other universities can also experience NYU’s expansive course offerings and world-class faculty through programs for visiting students. When attending a three-, six-, or 12-week session, visiting students can choose from hundreds of undergraduate courses at nine of NYU’s colleges. They can also connect with industry leaders and fellow learners from around the world. To top it all off, they earn college credits, too.

There’s something for every visiting student. These courses can help you meet degree requirements or even pursue a whole new degree. Or, you can use them to immerse yourself in New York City’s opportunities. With so many options to choose from, these courses can help you branch out, focus in, or experiment with something entirely new.