Portrait of CCTOP student Jessica Moreira


Jessica Moreira was finishing the last semester of her associate’s degree in Marketing at Westchester Community College when her adviser approached her with a proposition. After noticing Jessica’s strong academic record, the adviser shared a pamphlet with her about NYU’s Community College Transfer Opportunity Program (CCTOP) and asked if she could nominate her. “I was honored!” Jessica remembers. “And then I learned how CCTOP not only facilitates the transfer process but also provides a scholarship. That was an important part of my decision to apply.”

A Way to Keep Growing

Flash forward to today. Jessica is now a senior at the NYU School of Professional Studies, majoring in Leadership and Management Studies and concentrating in marketing, advertising, and public relations. Building upon her earlier education at Westchester Community College, Leadership and Management Studies is a natural fit for Jessica. Plus, NYU accepted all her credits when she transferred. “I had taken enough marketing courses that it helped shorten the number of credits I needed to finish my degree,” she affirms.

Big City, Friendly Faces

Once Jessica arrived on campus, she was surprised by how easy it was to fit in. “I’m from Westchester, so I hadn’t spent a lot of time in New York City,” she explains. But the CCTOP orientation helped her meet new friends, and the monthly seminars during her first year introduced her to NYU’s many student resources. Early on, she got involved through the Commuter Student Council, which advocates for off-campus students. “My first week on campus, I went on a retreat with the group. Everyone was so helpful and eager to answer any questions I had. It was such a cool experience.”

Inspiration Inside and Outside the Classroom

Today, Jessica is thriving as an NYU student. In addition to CCTOP’s useful resources, she credits much of her success to her professors, who are always willing to go the extra mile. One of her favorite courses, Organizational Behavior with Professor John Burnett, included enjoyable readings, team projects, and practical advice on how to navigate the business world. Visual Expressions and Society with Professor Thomas Campbell, which included class trips to The Met and MoMA to analyze artwork, was another standout. “I already had an interest in design, but these visits opened my eyes to seeing art differently,” Jessica shares. “It was interesting, challenging, and fun.”

Jessica seated at a table on a patio
What’s Next?

As she looks ahead to an exciting future, Jessica keeps the field of marketing in her purview. “I would love to work in branding. It’s something I’m passionate about,” she says. And when she does graduate, she knows that being part of the NYU network will help kick-start her career. “It’s a big, prestigious school, with grads in just about every company in New York . It’s a great network to graduate into.”