Get Your Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at NYU!

If you’re interested in getting your bachelor’s and master’s degrees at NYU, check out our accelerated program opportunities!

The exterior of the NYU Steinhardt building with people walking on the sidewalk.
Students and Steinhardt deans standing in front of a stage after an information panel.
Here I am after a Steinhardt information panel with fellow students and deans.

My Major

I’m an Applied Psychology major pursuing my BS/MA in Mental Health and Wellness.

I chose to pursue this accelerated track for a few reasons. One, I’m studying psychology at NYU, with the intent of becoming a therapist. In most cases, to practice as a therapist you need to complete a graduate degree and meet licensure requirements. So, when I learned about this dual degree track, I thought it was the perfect opportunity!

Additionally, the application process for this program was much more relaxed than that of a typical graduate degree application. For example, I did not need to submit standardized scores. Instead, my performance as an undergraduate in the applied psychology program spoke for my application.


My Favorite Courses

Some of my favorite undergraduate classes have included Women and Mental Health, where we discussed how different gender and racial identities impact mental health experience. Also, another one of my favorites was The Counseling Interview. We learned about different therapeutic techniques and how to implement them.

My favorite graduate class so far has been Abnormal Psychology. In this course, we learned about different mental disorders and how to diagnose clients with them. Also, we learned what therapeutic techniques would work best for counseling. I also completed a really cool final project where I read a book that dealt with a mental health disorder, then completed a full diagnostic evaluation based on the content.

Student standing in front of Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park
Here’s me on my last first day of being an undergraduate student!

Is This Program Right for You?

I know it may seem a little crazy completing my bachelor’s degree while simultaneously taking graduate coursework. I won’t lie—it is a lot of work. However, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program. A huge plus is that I am able to complete graduate school in half the time.

This program was also more cost-efficient. Because I am taking graduate classes to fulfill both graduate and undergraduate program requirements, I am able to take these rigorous courses at an undergraduate rate.

Even if you’re not sure one of these programs is right for you, that’s okay! The accelerated programs are not something you would indicate on your initial NYU application. Plus, most programs don’t require students to apply until their junior year. You have plenty of time to figure out if it’s right for you.

If being a part of an accelerated degree program is something you are interested in, definitely check out the many programs NYU has to offer!