• The NYU Stern School of Business’ new NYC Consulting Capstone course connects students with corporate partners to solve complex business problems.
  • The semester-long, experiential learning course is led by world-renowned NYU Stern faculty.
  • Students gain real-world skills and experiences during the course that they carry into their professional careers.
Two female-presenting students standing outside the entrance of NYU’s Stern School of Business, the Henry Kaufman Management Center.

Whether you’re dreaming of a future in real estate, corporate finance, or digital marketing, the new NYC Consulting Capstone course at the NYU Stern School of Business equips you with the skills to jump-start your career. It is a semester-long, experiential learning course led by world-renowned NYU Stern faculty. What’s more, teams of senior undergraduate Business majors collaborate with corporate partners from industries like artificial intelligence in finance, health care, and sustainability to solve real, complex business problems.

A group of students formally dressed and smiling.

Critical Skills in an Automated World

By the end of the capstone, students develop a myriad of skills in communication, collaboration, discernment, and strategic thinking. Then, they leverage these skills from the get-go as they begin their careers. Moreover, Clinical Professor of Business and Society Matt Statler says this experience is critical for his students’ success in a world driven by technological advancement.

“Skills like empathizing with the needs of a client, working together in diverse teams to solve complex problems, and practicing self-awareness through reflection are increasingly important for all kinds of business functions in this era of increased automation,” says Statler. “The NYC Consulting Capstone course helps students develop these skills. Plus, it allows them to build on what they’ve learned throughout their time at NYU Stern to prepare for long careers as leaders.”

Students sitting in a lecture hall.

A Profound Impact on Students

For Alex Isaac, a senior Business major concentrating in finance and computing and data science, the capstone course was an unforgettable experience.

“What surprised me the most was the opportunity to have a real impact through our suggestions,” says Alex. “It was encouraging and inspiring to see a company genuinely consider student-led consulting advice. They also show openness to implementing our strategies.”

After collaborating on a project with Vice Dean Robert Whitelaw, Alex reflected on the skills he gained throughout the course. “I’m taking away a deepened appreciation for the value of thorough research and the power of teamwork. In addition, I value the ability to present complex ideas succinctly. These are skills that will be indispensable to my future career in financial research,” he says.

Senior Paula Sandoval Santamaria shared the same enthusiasm after working with the nonprofit Welcome to Chinatown under the guidance of Professor Bruce Buchanan. Paula is a Business major concentrating in finance and computing and data science.

“This course was one of the most impactful classes I have taken at Stern. It is something I will carry with me through my professional career,” Paula says. “Working directly with the client was invaluable. This course helped me gain experience in understanding client needs, resource allocation, and collaborative decision-making. I learned a lot about tackling challenges in unique ways and embracing the unknown. While daunting initially, the class’ structure encourages us to carve our path and look at unconventional approaches to everyday problems.”

The NYC Consulting Capstone course officially launched in fall 2023 with 10 sections. Additionally, a faculty member from NYU Stern, with its own corporate partner representing a different industry, teaches each section. Furthermore, all undergraduate Business majors in their senior year are required to take the course. The NYC Consulting Capstone is offered during the fall and spring semesters.