When you arrive at NYU there are countless ways your experience might unfold. However, some of the most impactful experiences for students are in clubs. At first the University’s offering of over 600 different clubs might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a way you can you make navigation easier. Try searching for clubs related to your school!

For example, NYU Stern has a well-established system of 29 clubs involving the world of business. In fact, there are so many clubs there is a council to guide and govern them all: NYU Stern’s Inter Club-Council (ICC). The ICC serves as the governing body of these preprofessional organizations and introduces many opportunities to new students.

A gif of Mariah Carey looking confused.
Figuring out clubs when I first joined NYU Stern.
The Basics

First things first: just because these clubs are based at NYU Stern, doesn’t mean students from other schools can’t join. Clubs are open to anyone from any college at NYU.

NYU Stern clubs have some unique characteristics that set them apart from the more general clubs at NYU. For instance, clubs meet once a week during Stern’s common hour, which is 12:30–1:45 p.m. Since no NYU Stern classes are scheduled during this time, clubs usually hold their meetings then. Typically, clubs also have the budget to provide food (pasta! dumplings!).

Each club holds general meetings, and you can join as many clubs as you’d like. Additionally, most clubs offer application workshops and programs for a more selective group of students. Examples include: Management Consulting Group’s Core Consulting Committee or Business Analytics Club’s Insight Team. These workshops teach participating students more in-depth and tangible business skills.

With so many different clubs and related special programs, ICC standardized the application process to make it fair and equitable for students as they apply to multiple clubs.

In particular, ICC introduced Industry Nights, a weeklong event that gives an overview of each club and what they do. Industry Nights breaks NYU Stern’s clubs down into three different categories: Understanding Business as a Multidisciplinary Field, Fostering Diversity and Community, and Exploring Capital Markets.

The Three Categories

1. Understanding Business as a Multidisciplinary Field

This category is for students who have multiple interests and provides them with access to industry experts, senior mentorship, and practical programs.

For example, the NYU Stern and Tisch Entertainment Business Association unites students interested in the business of entertainment and those participating in the BS in Business/BFA in Film and Television program.

In addition, 180 Degrees Consulting is dedicated to social and environmental change, offering opportunities like a global consultant program.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with a potluck and members of 180 Degrees Consulting.
2. Fostering Diversity and Community

Forming engaging communities of similar interests, these clubs focus on celebrating diversity.

They are often cross-disciplinary and cover multiple industries. For example, I’m involved with Phi Chi Theta, which emphasizes fraternity, community, and service. And another great example is the Undergraduate Stern Women in Business, a growing club that empowers female-identifying students in many business spheres and pursuits.

Students of the Phi Chi Theta fraternity in formal dress and smiling for a group photo.
Phi Chi Theta the year I joined the club!
3. Exploring Capital Markets

Leveraging NYU Stern students’ talent for finance, these clubs focus more on exploring the capital markets learned about in class.

Two examples from this category are the Strategic Venture Society, which embraces the growing role of technology in these markets, and the Private Equity Group, which is a new addition to NYU Stern’s club system. Specifically, the Private Equity Group works to bridge the gap between graduation and the transition to private equity work.

Something for Everyone

To sum up, clubs at NYU Stern are growing every day as more industries and professional roles emerge and grow along with them. Considering the sheer amount of clubs at NYU Stern and the University, my biggest advice is to explore as many options and categories as possible. There really is something out there for everyone! 

Here’s a list of current NYU Stern clubs:

Understanding Business as a Multidisciplinary Field: Business Analytics Club, Economic Development Group, Entrepreneurial Exchange Group, Luxury and Retail Association, the Marketing Society, Management Consulting Group, Net Impact, Stern Business and Law Association, Stern Political Economy Exchange, and Stern and Tisch Entertainment Business Association

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, International Business Association, Phi Chi Theta, Pride Corp, Supporting Excellence and Advocating Diversity, Undergraduate Latin American Business Association, and Undergraduate Stern Women in Business

Exploring Capital Markets: the Finance Society, Investment Analysis Group, Islamic Finance Group, NYU Actuarial Society, the Private Equity Group, Quantitative Finance Society, Scholars of Finance, Stern Accounting Society, Stern Real Estate Group, and Strategic Venture Society

Annabelle is a Senior at the Stern School of Business concentrating in Finance and Computing & Data Science. Born in Germany, Annabelle has spent time all over Europe in Switzerland and England, which makes the US the fourth country she is taking on in her lifelong adventure. When she is not giving tours, you will be able to find her people watching in Washington Square Park or trying the newest bakery around campus. Annabelle is involved in NYU’s Greek Life through a Panhellenic Sorority and a professional Fraternity, as well a social-impact consulting club, 180-Degrees Consulting. Throughout the last 3 years, she has learned to make NYU her home and aims to help others find theirs.