Collage of a recording studio and two boxes with the information of two NYU programs: Music Business at NYU Steinhardt and Recorded Music at NYU Tisch.

Deciding which program you want to enroll in at NYU can be a thrilling yet challenging decision. Especially for those who want to study the music industry. With NYU offering two prominent programs, the BM in Music Business at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and the BFA in Recorded Music at the Tisch School of the Arts Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, students often find themselves weighing their options. Let’s dive into each program’s offerings to help you decide which one is for right you!
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Note: Programs are listed in alphabetical order.

Music Business, BM, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

NYU Music Business

Dive into the world of music business with Steinhardt’s BM in Music Business program. There, you don’t just study the industry, you become part of it. This program offers a rich blend of coursework that covers all facets of the music business. For example, you can take courses on publishing, concert management, and international marketplaces.

What Makes This Program the Right Fit for You?

Comprehensive curriculum: Your journey includes specialized music business courses, foundational music theory and history, and essential liberal arts classes. What’s more, you’ll enhance your business acumen with courses at the NYU Stern School of Business. With Stern, you’ll dive into marketing, financial accounting, and more! And yes, the courses are tailored for the entertainment industry.

Practical learning: Get ready to immerse yourself in the real world of music business with 300 hours of internships at top-tier companies in New York City. This invaluable experience can lead to job offers directly from organizations. For example, nearly 24 percent of the NYU Class of 2023 landed roles through their internship opportunities.

Beyond the classroom: Music Business encourages active participation in extracurriculars. For example, students can join Steinhardt’s very own Village Records. Other opportunities include working for WNYU-FM, the University’s radio station, and joining the Stern Tisch Entertainment Business Association, which is open to all students. These extracurricular activities will enrich your educational experience while expanding your professional network.

What Do Students Think?
Student voice about the Steinhardt Music Business major. Ava W., Class of 2025, says “I have had the best experience in NYU’s Music Business program! I love how involved the program is in the NYC music industry. I’ve gotten to go to lots of NYU partnership events with major music companies in New York, I’ve heard from incredible speakers across the industry, and I’ve even gotten the chance to participate in three music business internships so far. More than anything, my favorite part of my major is the people. The program is really small so we know each other really well, and from the first day on campus I felt like I had a community to lean on. Many of my best friends have come from the Music Business program, including my current roommates, and I’m really grateful to my major for introducing me to so many lovely people and opportunities.”
Student voice about the Steinhardt Music Business major. Leah K., Class of 2026, says “Being in the music business major has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and flourish both as a person and an artist. I have some pretty incredible peers and professors whom I am constantly learning from and collaborating with. Within the first few months of my freshman year, I put together a band with some of my friends from the major, and we have been consistently performing around NYC, which has been the coolest experience. I also finally put out my first single, ‘Love Bomb,’ in December, and have more songs on the way! All of the experiences and classes offered by this major, have really shaped me, and I carry these lessons with me in everything I do. I came into NYU very shy and unsure of myself. However, by diving into this industry head first and allowing myself the time to grow and try new things, I have learned to not only believe in myself but also to bet on myself because I am capable of so much more than I ever thought.”

Recorded Music, BFA, Tisch School of the Arts

NYU Tisch School of the Arts Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

At the heart of NYU’s vibrant creative community in Downtown Brooklyn, the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music is a beacon for those dreaming of a music career. It’s more than just a program—it’s a journey. As a Recorded Music major, you cultivate passion, take risks, and embrace innovation. The institute stands apart by offering a unique program that blends professional business and artistic training toward a BFA in Recorded Music. According to the institute’s mission statement, they strive to equip students with the essential skills. From business acumen and musicianship to creative prowess and intellectual rigor, you’re likely to emerge as a creative entrepreneur in the fast-evolving global music industry.

What Makes This Program the Right Fit for You?

Innovation and leadership: Students are encouraged to develop innovative musical ideas. They envision new business models and assume leadership roles in both the art and commerce of music.

A creative hub: The institute is located in Downtown Brooklyn at 370 Jay Street! This building is NYU’s dynamic space for engineers, science researchers, game designers, media artists, and musicians. There, students foster unparalleled collaboration and creativity.

Diverse community: At the institute, you’ll be among peers who aspire to a wide range of roles within the music industry. For example, you’ll befriend and collaborate with students who want to be future record label CEOs, tech innovators, or journalists! What’s more, they’re all driven by a common goal: to revolutionize the music landscape.

What Do Students Think?
Student voice about the Tisch Recorded Music major. Arin R., Class of 2026, says “Clive is a stand out program for anyone aspiring to delve into both the artistic and business facets of the music industry. There is a strong emphasis on fostering a community within the program, creating this dynamic interplay of talents with everyone bringing different skills to the table. We are all playing in each other’s bands and working on each other’s recording projects. It really enhances the academic experience to also have so many things going on outside of the classroom. Clive lays the foundation for these lifelong friendships, mentorships, and industry connections.”
Student voice about the Tisch Recorded Music major. Zoe T., Class of 2026, says “I love being a student at the Clive Davis Institute, I honestly couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else. I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet so many incredible collaborators in school, so many great mentor figures in the music industry, and I’m so grateful for all the support we have from our incredible faculty and facilities.”

But, TBH, What’s Right for You?

Choosing between these two program means paving your unique path to success in the music industry.

Steinhardt Music Business is an ideal program for aspiring entrepreneurs and commercial experts seeking to navigate the business side of music. Whether your dream is to helm a record label, produce chart-topping hits, or report music’s latest trends, you’ll find your place within NYU’s innovative community. Here, you’ll not only nurture your creativity and engage in practical learning but also acquire the skills to thrive in the evolving music landscape.

On the flip side…

Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute is the go-to program for those passionate about diving deep into the artistry and technology of music production. Creativity meets innovation at the institute. As a Recorded Music major, you’ll learn the essential skills to be a leader among those who will craft the sounds of tomorrow.

So, when choosing your path, I recommend that you let your passion be your guide to the right NYU program. You truly can’t go wrong—Billboard named both programs two of the top music business programs in 2023. Therefore, whichever program, Music Business or Recorded Music, you choose, you’ll set out on the course to redefine the future of music. It’s up to you which path to take. Wishing you all the best on your journey!

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