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Across our three degree-granting campuses in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, there are several different paths for undecided students. You get to explore disciplines before committing to one major, two majors, or even a self-created major that combines multiple areas of interest.

Are you thinking broadly about work in the education, health, media studies, or the arts and entertainment field? Then Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development might be the place for you. Do you have a more specific path such as nursing or accounting in mind? Consider the Rory Meyers College of Nursing or Stern School of Business. What if you’re undecided? Well, NYU has a few good options for you too.

College of Arts and Science (CAS)
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If you are interested in the humanities, physical sciences, or social sciences, you should consider applying undecided to CAS. Biology or biochemistry could be a good fit for those interested in engineering or the sciences. Students with social science inclinations may want to explore economics or sociology. And what about students who are into the arts? Music, art history, and cinema studies are only a few of the pathways available to you.

You can also explore the interplay between philosophy and physics or politics and comparative literature by double-majoring. Offering more than 60 different majors and minors and the ability to pursue cross-school minors, CAS is truly an academic playground for undecided students.

The Gallatin School of Individualized Study

At the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, you can meld your interests to create a unique concentration. If you are interested in two different disciplines that don’t seem to go together, or it’s hard to pick one over the other, this is a great option for you.

Under the guidance of an adviser, Gallatin students decide on a concentration and then take classes within Gallatin and other NYU schools to expand their knowledge on the topic. What’s more, Gallatin students can study away and pursue experiential educational opportunities that help them understand their concentration better. Students are encouraged to get internships that help them understand their concentration from a practical standpoint, while gaining relevant skills in their field. The senior-year Colloquium, the final oral examination, is the program’s culmination.

Liberal Studies (LS) Core
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The LS Core is another option for those who are undecided. This program allows you to focus on the core curriculum for two years before transitioning to another university major. During those two years, you take a variety of classes and explore your interests through diverse, globally minded coursework across NYU. Hopefully, you will fall in love with an academic discipline during this time and gain more clarity on the path you want to take.

After the LS Core, you can transition to other schools, like CAS, Gallatin, or Stern. The best part? LS students can experience their first year away from New York City in Florence, London, Madrid, or Washington, DC. After your first year, you move back to New York City and work toward your major, which you will choose at the end of your second year. LS students work closely with their advisers and professors to identify the best academic plan to achieve their goals.

NYU Shanghai
A group of students sitting outside NYU Shanghai.

NYU Shanghai provides a 21st-century education in the heart of China. Shanghai plays a vital role in business, science, diplomacy, nongovernmental activities, fashion, and more. Is there a better place to learn about business or finance than in the heart of Shanghai’s financial district? Studying here comprehensively prepares students for the modern globalized business world.

Faculty are renowned industry leaders in their fields. And many have connections to related industries in China. Students will not only gain proficiency in Mandarin, an invaluable asset in tomorrow’s global economy, but also access to a city, culture, and country that has greatly impacted the world today and will play a pivotal role in shaping our future economy.

If you’re unsure of what you’d like to study, you can attend NYU Shanghai Academic Advising events. For example, the fall and spring Major Exploration sessions are like academic festivals for undecided students. You will learn more from faculty and upper-level students about the 19 majors available on campus, from Data Science and Mathematics to Humanities and Global China Studies.

NYU Abu Dhabi
NYU Abu Dhabi students.

Located in another region of the world, NYU Abu Dhabi attracts students who desire a college experience that provides them with the resources and tools to pursue their passions. NYU Abu Dhabi students want to create the kind of short- and long-term change they want to see in our world. They think beyond what jobs and opportunities exist now. And they work together to create the jobs and opportunities of the future.

International relations and public policy always interested Annalisa, who came to NYU Abu Dhabi from a small town in Colorado. Therefore, she majored in Social Research and Public Policy. Students who are interested in large-scale, global problems and want to find innovative solutions to those problems are drawn to this program. Against the backdrop of Abu Dhabi’s internationally diverse student body, Annalisa gained the tools she needed to study human cooperation and interaction on a global scale. What’s more, the program provided her with the opportunity to travel to Greece to begin her research on the refugee crisis there.


Final Thoughts

Nowadays, people change career pathways and industries at least four times throughout their professional lives. So remember, your major does not always correspond to your career. Take the time to consider what each of our three degree-granting campuses can add to your educational experience. And explore what each college has to offer. At NYU, you will constantly investigate the relationships between different areas of studies. You’ll learn to understand how to use this knowledge to solve real-life multifaceted problems. An NYU education at any of our three degree-granting campuses will prepare you to be comfortable anywhere and effective everywhere.