The impulse toward artistic expression is a gift. However, those starting out on their creative journeys often face tough questions about the practicality of choosing the performing arts as an educational and vocational path: How will you use your performing arts degree in the “real world”? Do you have what it takes to “make it” in your field? What does “making it” look like to you?

The responses to each of these questions are different for everyone. NYU’s performing arts degrees are designed to help you answer these questions for yourself, while giving you the skills you need to pursue your passion and thrive through graduation and beyond. Find out more about opportunities at the Tisch Institute of Performing Arts and the Steinhardt Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions below as we run down the top five reasons to pursue a performing arts degree at NYU.

1. Career Opportunities

Actors, directors, agents, producers, stage managers, concert musicians, recording artists –these are just a few of the countless professional paths graduates of NYU’s performing arts programs find success following graduation. At NYU, students connect with leading faculty and professional artists from diverse backgrounds and a myriad of career paths to discover opportunities in the arts that they never knew existed.


2. Rigorous Training Paired with Liberal Arts Academics

At NYU, conservatory training in the arts is paired with a liberal arts curriculum to give students a rich and well-rounded education that prepares them for any field. You can benefit from world-class professional training in your artistic craft while broadening your perspective and developing essential skills in writing, research, and critical thinking. You can even double major or minor in the fields of STEM, Business, Humanities, Education, and Health.

3. Performance Opportunities

Artistic students at NYU have unmatched access to world-class performance spaces and facilities. Plus, they are offered opportunities to hone their talents in fully staged, highly-produced theatrical and musical performances alongside accomplished performers, in front of some of the world’s most sophisticated audiences.

4. The Network

You may be aware of some of NYU’s famous alumni who went on to thriving careers in the arts. But NYU’s network is more than just marquee names. It’s a faculty comprised of accomplished artist-teachers who are actively connected to their fields. It’s exclusive internship opportunities at top arts and media institutions through NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development. It’s alums working professionally on stage, on screen, and behind the scenes in every field of the arts around the globe. It’s the cohort of exceptionally bold and talented peers who can become life-long collaborators.

5. New York City (...and cities around the world!)

NYC is home to some of the most innovative and accomplished performing artists in the world. It’s also home to foremost arts institutions, like Broadway, Lincoln Center, St. Anne’s Warehouse, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and countless iconic music venues. There is no shortage of inspiration and boundless opportunities to connect with the past, present, and future of performance. At NYU, the city is your classroom, and NYU’s close ties to NYC institutions give students unrivaled access. 

Performing Arts students also benefit from seamless opportunities to explore their craft abroad through NYU’s global network. Drama students can spend their summer studying Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, or explore the theatrical texts of African women in Accra, Ghana. Hone your musical skills in Prague, a major training ground for some of the finest jazz and classical performers in Europe and a hub for the music and film-music industries. Studying abroad at any of our 14 global sites is an integral and accessible feature of the NYU experience. Performing arts students–even double majors–can stay on track with their degrees while enriching their craft through global experiences.

You can learn more about the Tisch Institute for Performing Arts and the Steinhardt Division of Music and Performing Arts Professions on their respective websites.

Interested in applying? You can apply to NYU’s performing arts programs through the Common Application. Once you submit your application (by the required deadline) you will be required to submit an audition for the Artistic Review component of your application. Learn more and get helpful tips on the artistic review process for programs at Tisch and Steinhardt. Break a leg!