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If you love problem-solving and analysis, an NYU bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics may be a perfect fit. These programs pair technical classes, such as Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics, with core liberal arts courses, like Expressive Culture and International Writing. This combination produces well-rounded professionals who can analyze and solve challenges, then communicate those solutions to others. And you’ll do all this at the top applied mathematics institute for graduate studies in the United States: the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Study with Award-Winning Faculty

Established nearly 100 years ago as the nation’s first center for applied mathematics, Courant continues to rank No. 1 for its graduate programs thanks to its faculty research and teaching. What’s more, its undergraduate programs rank in the top 30. Here, faculty have received outstanding awards like the Abel Prize (often called the Nobel Prize of mathematics), the Kyoto Prize, and the National Medal of Science. And while you apply to the College of Arts and Science to receive your bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics, most of your major courses are taught by NYU Courant’s award-winning professors.

In addition to being leading-edge researchers, Courant faculty are devoted and accessible teachers. They have won numerous university awards for their teaching. For example, innovative faculty have won the College of Arts and Science’s Golden Dozen Award for outstanding contributions to learning in the classroom. Working directly with such esteemed professors offers undergraduates unparalleled opportunities for research and experiential learning. As you grow your skills and perform your own research, you will have direct access to some of the world’s most brilliant minds in computer science and math. At NYU Courant, you’ll form a foundation of knowledge that will help you innovate the future.

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Research and Resources Galore

Practical research experience and profound intellectual exploration allow Computer Science and Mathematics majors to build competencies that are otherwise difficult to hone. Whether you collaborate with students from other universities to create a map showing the spread of COVID-19 or work with the Guggenheim to restore an internet-based artwork, you will build important skills that expand your understanding of the field.

While conducting research, you can also take advantage of specific Courant resources. These include the Courant Library. This 60,000-plus-volume collection focuses on research-level materials in mathematics, computer science, and related fields, including fluid mechanics, image processing, and robotics. Furthermore, because computing is at the heart of Courant, you have access to a vast network of Solaris and Linux servers and workstations in addition to more standard Macs and PCs running Windows. From single-processor systems for class assignments to Linux clusters and shared-memory multiprocessors for high-level research, NYU Courant offers every computing resource you could need—and then some.

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NYU’s Global Network Is Yours to Explore

In addition to all the resources available through Courant, studying computer science or mathematics at NYU offers the unique opportunity to study abroad while staying on track with your major requirements. Mathematics majors can take advanced math courses at NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Berlin, NYU Paris, NYU London, and NYU Shanghai. And NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Paris, and NYU Shanghai offer computer science courses. International experience and research can help set you apart as you apply for your first job or graduate school.

Whether you want to study mathematics or computer science at NYU, your degree will open up doors to the future. Both majors provide a strong foundation for many careers, from jobs in technology and finance to more unexpected paths, like law, medicine, or entrepreneurship. By gaining the vital analytical and critical thinking skills these majors are famous for, you build essential knowledge that will serve you well, no matter where life takes you.

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Joint Programs

For the most ambitious students, NYU offers several joint-degree programs in both Computer Science and Mathematics. In addition to a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics at NYU Courant, joint programs and dual degrees include:

  • Computer Science…
    and Economics (BA/BA)
    and Data Science (BA/BA)
    and Computer Engineering (BS/BS)
    and Electrical Engineering (BS/BS)
  • Mathematics…
    and Civil Engineering (BS/BS)
    and Computer Engineering (BS/BS)
    and Data Science (BA/BA)
    and Economics (BA/BA)
    and Electrical Engineering (BS/BS)
    and Mechanical Engineering (BS/BS)
    and Teaching Mathematics (BA/MAT)