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Summer is a perfect time to prepare for what lies ahead—applying to college, moving to a new city, or embarking on a new career. Through NYU summer programs, you’ll find opportunities to hone your skills, explore your academic interests, and experience college life directly. Check out some of your options below, then start applying. This summer is your opportunity to learn and grow.

So You Want To...

...Get a Jump Start on the College Experience

The college admissions process is exciting—but it can also be daunting. NYU offers a free one-week program called the College Access Leadership Institute. The program prepares high school students for the college application process and to succeed in college. You’ll gain the tools to excel when taking standardized tests, writing a college essay, applying for financial aid, and more. What’s more, everyone who completes the program receives an NYU application fee waiver to use if they decide to apply to NYU for college.

If you’re ready to explore specific topics and experience life as an NYU student, join NYU Precollege. These programs allow you to take NYU courses while earning college credit and living in New York City. Study Japanese; sharpen your writing skills; learn the basics of computer science; or produce a magazine. After all, the choice is yours, and you have hundreds of options.

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…Flex Your Creative Skills

The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development offers the Virtual Art Program. The program allows aspiring artists to get a crash course in being an art student at NYU—no matter where they live. For four weeks you’ll build your portfolio, experiment with new materials and technologies, and gain a full picture of what it means to be a working artist.

Moreover, NYU has several opportunities for rising musicians who hope to increase their range. Steinhardt’s Summer Recording & Production Workshop offers conservatory-style training for students who play an instrument or sing. Alternatively, if you’re more interested in electronic music composition and production, the Summer Institute of Music Technology provides a high-tech overview of audio technology.

For those interested in cinema, the Tisch School of the ArtsOnline High School Screenwriters Workshop helps them polish their storytelling skills and craft their own short script. “It’s an amazing opportunity to learn the fundamentals of screenwriting, gain a competitive advantage, and hit the ground running,” Tisch professor Christopher Ciancimino attests.

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…Solve Problems and Make Breakthroughs

Highly motivated science, technology, engineering, and math students can find a home at the Applied Research Innovations in Science and Engineering program at the Tandon School of Engineering. In fact, admitted students have opportunities to conduct research and contribute their work at 32 different NYU labs for free. Recent projects include exploring the ethical use of artificial intelligence and building robotic arms to help archaeologists.

The Simons-NYU Science Explorations Program is another free summer program. What’s more, this program unites diverse students with a passion for biology, chemistry, neural science, physics, and psychology. Here, you’ll learn from renowned NYU scientists and innovative researchers through lectures and labs.

Finally, the Center for Mathematical Talent’s Summer Math Program for Young Scholars provides a mathematically rich environment. Moreover, it’s a great program for students interested in mathematical science careers. While exploring everything from number theory and computer science to knots and surfaces, you’ll build your problem-solving skills and learn how math is used in different fields of science.

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…Prepare for the (Distant) Future

If you’re already eager for postgraduate life, the School of Professional Studies’ Career Edge—NYU High School Summer Program offers the opportunity to explore potential career paths before declaring a college major. Each immersive course is structured like a real college course but lasts for one week. The courses provide a deep dive into your chosen industry. Classes include Investing Like a Wall Street Pro, Pre-Law Bootcamp, and Applied Arts for Social Justice.

“As college admissions requirements change, one thing stays constant: getting involved in a precollege program adds serious value to your college application,” says Citlalli Castro, the assistant director of educational pathways and alternative programs. “Though the Career Edge classes may only last a week, their impact will last a lifetime!”