NYU campus building

NYU Precollege is college! High school students can experience college life and academics with NYU Precollege this summer. Precollege allows high schoolers to experience firsthand what it’s like to be an NYU student. You’ll immerse yourself in the inimitable NYU experience while earning college credit alongside other high school students.

So what can you expect with New York City as your summer backdrop? We spoke to the NYU Precollege residential staff to find out what you can look forward to as a member of NYU’s dynamic on-campus community.

High school students at a Precollege event
Choose Your Courses

As an NYU Precollege student, you’ll take classes from NYU’s renowned faculty. Whether you already know your major and want to get a head start or you’re looking to explore something entirely new, there’s a class for you. This summer, there are over 100 classes available, and you can earn up to eight college credits. Debate all of the latest sports issues in Introduction to Sport Sociology, or learn how hotels operate and function with Intro to Hospitality. You can explore exciting fields like Real Estate Finance or dive into how space is used and designed in the city with the Use of Space and Urban Design course. Furthermore, you’ll learn alongside students from around the world, gaining a global perspective as you grow your network.

A group of students smiling and eating pastries.
Find Your People

“Students coming to campus are eager to meet and establish meaningful connections with others,” says David Jones. He’s the residence hall assistant director at Founders Hall. “The opportunity to live in New York City, attend NYU, and establish a long-lasting connection with someone who could be a future classmate, colleague, or even professor is very exciting.” At Precollege, you’ll live and study in an NYU residence hall. And at the end of a long day of classes and field trips, you can unwind with low-key events like movie and trivia nights.

NYU Precollege students on a tour of the NYU campus.
Explore Your Campus

Students can experience everything that New York City has to offer. “In the past, our students have visited amazing New York City landmarks and attended sporting events. They’ve also enjoyed cultural events, like museum trips and Broadway shows,” explains Mike Palazzo, residence hall assistant director at University Hall. “Last but not least, we wrap up the entire Precollege experience with a dinner cruise around Manhattan. With over 100 events offered throughout the six-week program, there are plenty of great ways to explore and have fun!”

High school students at a Precollege event
Prepare for the Future

In addition to classes, Precollege students have access to College 101. This workshop series walks students through the college admissions process, with tips on everything from admissions essays to financial aid opportunities. It also teaches you how to write strong essays and conduct research, among other skills.

In conclusion, says Kevin Conn, assistant director of residential life, “This is a great program. It provides a chance to enrich yourself while exploring New York City and everything that comes with it. Give it your all and be willing to step outside your comfort zone. New experiences can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it’s OK to ask questions and say hi to someone new.” Adds Jones, “My advice is to immerse yourself fully in Precollege and the city. It’s the best way to get the most out of your time here. Also, it gets pretty hot in NYC during summer, so be sure to drink plenty of water!”