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Tandon Services and Resources Rundown

As my time studying at Tandon continues, I realize how fortunate I am to have several options to expand my career path, all thanks to NYU Tandon. Let’s take a look at some of the offered resources.


Creativity starts at the MakerSpace for any NYU student. The 10,000-foot lab encloses a countless number of prototyping and test equipment for both individual and collaborative projects. Such equipment includes, but is not limited to, 3-D printers, subtractive manufacturing machines like computer numerically controlled instruments, and laser cutters. The MakerSpaceʼs Design Lab also hosts several events and workshops throughout the year in order to help NYU students learn or create something new. The best part? This NYU Tandon gem funds certain projects with their MakerSpace Mini Grant or the NYU Prototyping Fund. All in all, this location in the Metrotech area will take your projects to the next level. I personally enjoy how free the MakerSpace allows me to be. That high level of freedom allows me to produce a prototype in a quick manner. Thus giving me time to focus on the next design iteration.

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIPs)

Vertically Integrated Projects are for-credit, collaborative projects designed to promote research-driven learning of different engineering disciplines. The development of real-word skills and experiences, which in turn lead to professional development, are some of the great benefits of joining a VIP. There are currently over 30 VIPs you can join as an NYU Tandon student. My personal passions align with astronomy and rocketry, so I naturally chose to join Rogue Aerospace. In it, we research, design, manufacture, and launch rockets that can be used in competitions. Our most recent success landed us first place in the nation for NASA’s University Student Launch Initiative: Design Division.

Rogue Aerospace team.
Rogue Aerospace team launching a BOR rocket.
Tandon Career Services

The Wasserman Center for Career Development is a service across both the Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses that prepares students for the internship or job search. Tandon Career Services aids students in a similar way. However, it focuses more on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and is exclusive to NYU Tandon. I currently use this service and am beyond satisfied. I have asked them to review my first résumé (it was a nightmare, obviously), and they told me right on the spot everything employers look for in a potential candidate. Later, I visited their yearly career fairs and bootcamps. Once I was applying to internships, I sought their help yet again since they provide mock interviews. Without their one-on-one mentoring, I would have missed out on some incredible opportunities.


Tandon paves many routes for academic and professional growth due to its many resources. Doing so allows each student to make their own, unique path. That being said, make sure to explore everything that the Tandon School of Engineering offers to plan out your successful future.

Sebastian Abreu is an outgoing, soccer loving guy living his best life in the big city. The reason he loves living in Manhattan is because he “can do something new every day, from hopping on Randall’s Island one day to walking the Brooklyn Bridge the next”. When Sebastian is not exploring the wonders of New York, he studies Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering while building rockets and satellites at the Tandon School of Engineering.