Tandon students walking through NYU’s Brooklyn location.

The Tandon School of Engineering offers hundreds of courses that are tailored to the academic needs of each student. This article showcases some of the favorite classes of current students at the engineering school, including my favorite classes as well as the reason why I chose NYU!

Iris—First Year Studying Biomolecular Science

Although she recently began her undergraduate studies, Iris is a bright woman with a deep passion for research. In fact, that is why she already has a favorite class: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology. The course “piqued my interest because it is exactly what I want to develop a career as a researcher in.  However, it was Professor Stein’s discussions around current events within the field that made the class even more worthwhile,” she says. Engineering and Technology Forum is another course that sparked her interest during her first year. According to Iris, it “was not a class I expected to like since I was never particularly interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. However, taking the class made me challenge myself in more ways than I ever deemed possible.”

When asked why she chose NYU, Iris highlighted its environment of continuous improvement as a motivating factor to continue her studies at Tandon. “The encouraging, innovative, inspiring spirit that the school has is unlike any other,” she notes. “At NYU, you definitely feel like there is nothing you can’t accomplish, whether personal or academic.” Finally, Iris adds, “In a world where multiculturalism, creativity, innovation, and diversity are ever more important, I don’t think there is a place that more perfectly embodies all these qualities than NYU. So perhaps I am at home here because NYU makes me feel like a citizen of the world, someone who can accomplish anything they put their mind to.”

JC—Senior Studying Mechanical Engineering

JC is a man of ambition who carried that flame with him throughout his whole undergraduate career. Therefore, when choosing a university to attend, he needed one that could provide that extra push. According to him, NYU Tandon is a school that “challenges you with professors who push you to be better and proactive. I love that quality in this university.” After spending some time at NYU, he “truly enjoyed the quality labs. They use state-of-the-art equipment, making achieving my goals through research and projects that much easier.”

Manufacturing Engineering and Processes, Statics, and Heat Transfer are some of JC’s favorite Tandon courses so far. He likes them because they “are very practical and have real-life applications. For example, in Manufacturing Engineering and Processes, we had real-world case studies, which was great. The course also integrated other studies like material science and the making of components. It was a valuable thing to learn since we can understand the cause and effects of making certain things in relation to the environment and economy.”

An NYU flag hanging from a building.
Violets in front of the Washington Square Arch.
Violets in Washington Square Park.

Angy—Senior Studying Electrical Engineering

Angy found her interest in electronics at a young age while spending time at her uncle’s computer shop in Guatemala. This interest eventually motivated her to pursue her major today. Plus, it inspired her passion for advancing clean and sustainable energy. That is why Fundamentals of Electric Circuits and an energy conversion class are two of her favorite courses. The circuits class introduced her to building electrical circuits. Angy appreciated how well Professor Campisi taught the course. Fun fact: she had been preparing her schedule for three years in order to take the energy conversion course! Angy wanted to learn all about power systems and so it was natural for her to pick this class.

Angy not only chose to attend NYU for its Electrical Engineering program but also its grand array of resources. She takes advantage of the MakerSpace, a state-of-the-art project work space where NYU students can use an abundant host of 3-D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and much more at their leisure.

Sebastian (Me!)—Senior Studying Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Aerospace Engineering

My parents always inspire me. They both moved to the United States in search of the American Dream, and they found it. They taught my sister and me to achieve everything to the best of our ability and to never stop working toward something we love. Since the beginning, I have always looked ahead for the best. I knew NYU was the best option for me because of the opportunity it brings. From implementing world-class education to offering incredible research opportunities, NYU Tandon has the same mentality: to improve and become better than before. So it was only natural for me to become a student at this wonderful university. The opportunities for connections also motivated me to attend. It is really easy to bump into someone you don’t know on the street and then find out they are involved in the particular field of interest you are so passionate about. It has happened quite a lot to me!

I loved taking Calculus III; Physics III: Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics; Compressible Flow; and Aerospace Propulsion. They all had very fascinating content that made me fall more in love with mechanical and aerospace engineering. However, I would not have learned nearly as much in these courses if it weren’t for the bright minds of the professors teaching them. Their passion is contagious and inspiring. I will have to thank them so much for making me feel like an unbeatable student!

NYU Tandon is a great place for go-getters. The University lets students foster their multifarious ambitions and creativity. Maybe you can grow your knowledge and dreams here too!

Sebastian Abreu is an outgoing, soccer loving guy living his best life in the big city. The reason he loves living in Manhattan is because he “can do something new every day, from hopping on Randall’s Island one day to walking the Brooklyn Bridge the next”. When Sebastian is not exploring the wonders of New York, he studies Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering while building rockets and satellites at the Tandon School of Engineering.