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A Prologue

What is a musicophile you might ask? Per the trusted scholars of the internet, a musicophile is an individual highly passionate about music, or a “musically-inclined audiophile” in fewer words. As for Theatre Studies, NYU defines this curriculum as “an educational training purposed to teach students how to analyze theater and performance from historical, theoretical, practical, and aesthetic points of view.”

For the Music Fans and the Music Fans Only

A final question you might ask: what do music fans and Tisch’s Theatre Studies curriculum have in common? For all the Tisch Drama prospective applicants out there who might identify as musicophiles, I thought it might be helpful to distill some of the Tisch Drama Theatre Studies classes into a musical form to give you an idea for each course’s design. Or its “vibe” if you will.

Here are some personal favorite Theatre Studies courses that fellow Drama students and I have compiled if you are interested in learning more about Tisch Drama’s Theatre Studies curriculum:

Professor Whitehead’s “Introduction to Theatre Studies” The Story of Us (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

Professor Dietrich’s “History of the American Musical” Road to Hell by the Cast of Hadestown

Professor Bentin’s “Spectacle and Surveillance” This is America by Childish Gambino

Professor Meineck’s “Greek Drama: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides” Achilles Come Down by Gang of Youths

Professor Whitehead’s “(Un)Reliable Narrators” Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Professor Davis’ “Medieval Theater” Believer by Imagine Dragons

Professor Theodoratou’s “Helen of Troy and Her Ghosts” Helen of Troy by Lorde



Take a listen!

Hailing from Las Vegas, Rohun is a third-year Drama student with a minor in the Business, Entertainment, Media, and Technology. Alongside the Admissions Ambassador program, he has been active in the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council, All Asian Arts Alliance, and Tisch Arts Rep. Core. He is a hot chocolate connoisseur, Monopoly enthusiast, and is always on the hunt for a good slice of pizza.