The exterior of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts building.

G...(et the Show on the Road!)

Congratulations! If you are reading this, chances are you received your long-awaited acceptance decision to Tisch Drama.

You and I both know that this acceptance was probably harder than your favorite coming-of-age film might suggest. If your high school experience was anything like mine, the past few years have been filled with busy schedules, rigorous academics, and many anxious nights. Cue Midnights by Taylor Swift.

But, you did it! While the path ahead may seem riddled with ambiguity, this special edition of The ABC’s of Tisch Drama will hopefully clarify the next steps in your journey.

H...(ouse or Studio?)

Once you get your acceptance decision, your next step will be to put down a deposit to secure your spot. Then, Tisch Drama can begin work on their next step: studio placements.

One of my favorite ways to explain Tisch’s studio system is to compare it to the Hogwarts’ sorting process. But instead of earning Gryffindor status, accepted students get sorted into one of Tisch Drama’s eight studios for their primary training.* For your first two years at Tisch Drama, you’ll learn one pedagogical approach at one studio.

Then, after those two years, drama students can choose to continue training at their primary studio, transfer to another studio, or study abroad. So, while you’re not bound to your studio for your entire training, chances are that you will come to root for your studio and its technique…Quidditch team notwithstanding.

*I completed my primary training at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. While each studio has its own curriculum, most studios have Voice and Speech, Scene Study, and Movement courses in common. During my primary training, I learned the fundamentals of script analysis, viewpoints training, and Shakespearean verse.

Two students jumping on stage.
I...(n the Wings)

After you received your studio placement, your only task is to get excited!

You’re about to start at NYU Tisch! I would say, however, check your email for important communications from Tisch and your studio.

I’d also recommend you read and reply to all the emails from your Tisch orientation leader. They will likely reach out in the early summer. And they are a really great resource to learn more about your studio, academics, and campus life.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask any questions or communicate concerns!

J...(ust Trust)

Fast-forward to your first week at NYU—You made it! Welcome to Tisch Drama.

One big piece of advice during this time is you should take advantage of all the opportunities available. Specifically, I recommend going to NYU Welcome activities (like the themed hangouts and affinity spaces). Also, your orientation leader will likely conduct a tour for you and other first-year students from your studio. These events are simple ways to community-build and make friends right away! While there may be moments of unease in these first couple weeks, remember that it takes time to make anywhere feel like home.

In the words of Dr. Swift: “Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out.”

Hailing from Las Vegas, Rohun is a third-year Drama student with a minor in the Business, Entertainment, Media, and Technology. Alongside the Admissions Ambassador program, he has been active in the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council, All Asian Arts Alliance, and Tisch Arts Rep. Core. He is a hot chocolate connoisseur, Monopoly enthusiast, and is always on the hunt for a good slice of pizza.