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When someone asks you about your dream internship or job, I am sure something comes to mind. Perhaps it is not the exact title or name of the company yet but rather a vague idea of the type of work you will enjoy doing. Or maybe you are completely clueless, which is totally OK too! You have plenty of time to try different options. The fact that youʼre reading this shows that you are thinking about your career prospects and taking active steps to learn more, which means you will be in great hands by the time you graduate! Getting experience is key to your personal and professional growth. Here is how NYU might help you find a career path and land your dream internship or job.

Wasserman Center for Career Development

The NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development is your one-stop shop for anything internship or job related. Whether you have no clue about what comes postgraduation or know exactly what you want to do in the future, Wasserman is here to support you. They offer one-on-one coaching appointments, interview prep, résumé and cover letter review, networking, or educational and career-exploratory events. Here are some of their great additional services that you can utilize during (and after) your undergraduate career that can be instrumental in landing your dream internship or job.

P.S. For all my international readers, Wasserman will certainly help you navigate the US job market and will gladly explain what a US-style résumé looks like, as they once did to me. I highly recommend it as it makes the road to your dream internship or job a little easier and less stressful!


Handshake is our online career platform that allows you to find and apply to both on-campus and off-campus internship positions. In addition, you can learn about different industries through the industry insights section, register for networking and career-oriented events, and access job search guides. Think of it as Indeed or Glassdoor, but just for NYU community.

Handshake on-campus employment listing.
Here is an example of a Handshake on-campus internship listing!
Handshake off-campus internship listing.
And here is an off-campus one!

VMock is 24/7 online résumé review tool that provides instant personalized feedback in less than a minute! Letʼs imagine the scenario. You have been scrolling through Handshake instead of writing your essay while at Bobst Library. You suddenly find an internship posting that looks interesting and exciting, so you decide to apply! Say it is 8 p.m. on a Tuesday and the application deadline for the internship position you want to apply to closes at 11:59 p.m. that same day. You desperately want your résumé reviewed as it will make you feel more confident in your application. Guidance from a career coach is no longer an option as Wasserman closes at 5 p.m. For that same reason, a 15-minute drop-in appointment at Wasserman will not work. But guess what? VMock is just a couple of clicks away!

Here’s a snapshot of how VMock evaluates your résumé:

VMockʼs résumé review and job and internship search.
VMock evaluates the impact, presentation, and competencies of your résumé and gives you very specific feedback on how to improve!
VMockʼs résumé review and job and internship search.
It also measures your résumé against the benchmark score for your class level! provides in-depth insights on what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, or profession. It also compiles ratings on thousands of employers and internship programs and has reviews from active employees and enrolled students. It is a great tool to research companies, schools, internships, and industries. On you can also find current job openings and get advice on résumés, the interview process, and networking!


CareerExplorer is for quiz lovers. If youʼre really into BuzzFeed quizzes or the Myers–Briggs personality test, I am sure you will enjoy this one. It is a career matching platform that helps people find their ideal career. It has over 800 career profiles, so the results are bound to be accurate!

Violet Network

Yes, networking is important (sorry introverts)! If LinkedIn looks intimidating to you, which it certainly does to me, NYU has created its own professional networking mentorship program exclusively for the NYU community. We call it the Violet Network. There, you can expand your network by talking to NYU alumni and connect with other students in your areas of interest. You can also join career discussions and access other educational and career resources. The thought of talking to people who have spent their undergraduate careers in the same place as you is exciting and definitely less scary.


Want to work internationally? Then, GoinGlobal is for you! They compile data and show which careers are in demand in different countries.

Big Interview
Most internships and jobs have an interview process, and Big Interview helps students get ready for it. This tool provides personalized feedback on how to improve your interviewing skills. It also provides guidance on eye contact, use of “ums” and other fillers, vocabulary, tone, rate of speech, and more!

The Mark and Debra Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab (Leslie eLab)

If you are a young entrepreneur or someone who wants to learn more about entrepreneurship, you should definitely check out the Leslie eLab. It is an NYU institute that cultivates the next generation of start-up leaders through multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation. Through one-on-one coaching, educational programming, industry-specific resources, and funding, you can be the next big name in the business world!