Student ambassadors in the NYU Bonomi Family Admissions Center.


For many high school seniors, the summer and fall is dedicated to touring colleges and universities with the hope of getting a glimpse into the lives of current students. These seniors usually begin the college application journey by researching and exploring school websites and flipping through informational brochures. From their research, they build a thoughtfully crafted list of schools that seem like the right fit. And the final step is getting to see the schools up close and personal. 

For those unable to make it to NYC in the near-future, not to worry! NYU has a number of ways you can connect with current students to get the inside scoop on our university. So check out our roundup below!


1. Virtual Information Sessions

Our virtual information sessions are a great place to begin learning more about our campus. The session begins with a presentation by an admissions officer. And they provide an overview of NYU’s application process, academic rigor, and the resources available throughout NYU’s global network. After the presentation, a panel of three current students shares their perspective on NYU student life and more. Then, those in the virtual audience have a chance to ask the students questions through the Q&A function.

Interested in the NYU Shanghai or NYU Abu Dhabi student experience? Both campuses host their own information sessions that go more in depth. For all our virtual offerings, check out our Visit NYU web page.

2. Instagram Takeovers

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to be an NYU student, our Instagram takeovers are for you! The Instagram takeovers give viewers a glimpse into the lives of current NYU students from all three of our degree-granting campuses. And through Instagram stories, you get to be in the passenger seat as students take you on a ride showcasing highlights from their day. In other words, you get to see everything—from their classes to their residence hall rooms. They will even show you their favorite study nooks on campus and where to get the best New York slice. Most importantly, viewers can ask questions and interact with current students through direct messages and Instagram polls. 

3. Virtual Campus Tour

Our virtual campus tour allows viewers to explore both our New York and Abu Dhabi campuses at their own pace. (A tour of NYU Shanghai is coming soon!) Moreover, the interactive interface features pictures, videos, and facts about the most popular spots on campus. And some stops even include a short video of a current student discussing the ways in which they use NYU’s rich resources.


4. Ambassador Inbox

Have specific questions for a current student? For example, maybe you want to talk to a current student in the Liberal Studies program? Or perhaps you want to know what it’s like to be a part of Greek life on campus? Or for instance, maybe you want to know what it’s like to double-major? Getting answers to your questions has never been easier. And that’s because of our Ambassador Inbox.

The Ambassador Inbox is an easy way to connect with students. First, send an email with your questions to [email protected]. And one of our students will get back to you. The ambassadors on the other side of the screen are excited to share their experiences with you.

5. School-Specific Connections

If you want connect more with students from a specific school, there are several options to explore. For example, students interested in the Gallatin School can explore the “Why Gallatin?” YouTube series. In each video, both current students and alum discuss what led them to choose Gallatin. In addition, they explore the classes and professors that inspire them.

Similarly, the Stern School of Business offers several ways to connect to Stern students. The Stern Street Team is a group of enthusiastic current students waiting to share their journey with you. For instance, you can hear from them at the Stern-specific virtual information session. Or you can connect with them on social media through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Lastly, you can email your questions directly to them at [email protected].

Interested in the student experience at another school? For more information, visit the school’s website.

In Conclusion

At NYU, we recognize how important it is for applicants to gain insight into the experiences of current students. That’s because the NYU student experience, especially, is a unique one. After all, attending college in the heart of New York City is something only a current student would be able to speak to. Luckily, there are a number of ways to get connected to them—from watching our Instagram takeovers to attending our virtual information sessions. And the best part is you can connect with current students without ever leaving your couch.

Don’t let anything get in the way of your college visit plans. Connect with current students today!

Camille Wilson is the Associate Director of Strategic Student Communications in the Division of Enrollment Management at NYU. She’s spent the last decade in Higher Education working to nurture and inspire student leaders by supporting their holistic growth and development. When she’s not mentoring college students, she’s helping her readers toast to life’s memorable moments on her blog.