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My Big Fat Greek Experience: Sorority Life at NYU

NYU has a vibrant Greek life with seven sororities. Here is a helpful guide to sorority life.

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Why NYU? Difficult Choices and Deciding Where to Go to College

Deciding on a college is an immense undertaking. Here, an NYU student offers a few strategies to help make your decision easier.

NYU student Caleb Martin helps students choosing NYU while wearing NYU attire and holding purple and white balloons.
Applying to so Many Schools Is Hard. Choosing NYU Isn’t.

Choosing NYU is the easiest, best way to ensure you end up somewhere you’ll love. Take it from someone who had no idea what they wanted and still found it all in a school: there’s a place for you and all of your interests at NYU.

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“It’s Not a Phase, Mom!” Justifying Your Artistic Degree

Are you sure of your decision to pursue the arts but are surrounded by people who are concerned for you? Here are some tips to help you strengthen your resolve.

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You Belong Here: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Doubting your abilities in college is a part of imposter syndrome. Here are ways to overcome it as you achieve great things in a new chapter of your life!

Art Studio of student Kaylee Reynolds.
A Letter to Students Who Are Doubtful About Pursuing Art

Doubtful about why you should pursue art as a major? Just do it.

Sophomore Aleksandra Goldberg sitting on her bed for an interview about the college transition. Posters are on the wall behind her and a desk is to her right.
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The College Transition: A Sophomore’s Reflections

“Focus on who you want to be.”

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Surviving Your Tisch Drama Artistic Review

Get a clearer idea of what to expect during your Tisch Drama artistic review with this step-by-step guide.

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What NYU Means to Me

NYU seemed so complex. I had no idea about what to expect before I arrived. Now halfway through undergrad, I have found what NYU really means to me.

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My Double Major at NYU

As a current student, I can tell you, if you’re thinking of pursuing a double major at NYU, it is possible, and NYU is the place to do it!