The Flatiron Building in New York City.
Going to College Far from Home: How to Make the Most of It

No matter how exciting going to college far from home may be, it is easy to lose yourself in self-doubt. Find some reassurance from a student that did it too.

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Struggling with Impostor Syndrome at NYU

Impostor syndrome can discourage you from pursuing transformative life experiences—here’s how you can get it out of your way!

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Choosing NYU From Home

Can’t physically visit campus? You are not alone. Check out how some current students made their decision to attend NYU without being able to visit.

Two students looking at the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn
Choosing a College When You Can’t Make It to Campus

The world has changed and the process of choosing a college has too! Here are some tips and tricks for making a decision when you canʼt make it to campus.

A studentʼs desk, featuring a water bottle, a laptop, a keyboard, a tablet, and a mouse.
How to Maximize the “College from Home” Experience

NYU or NYU-Zoom? Whether youʼre on your first or last semester of NYU, here are some ways to be successful while experiencing a “college-from-home” year.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Discover Your Passions with a Little Help from MLK

These MLK quotes will give you the inspiration you need.

An NYU flag.
Between Now and Then: What to Do After ED I Admission

Hereʼs what’s next after the ED I admission release.

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Using College Resources to Enhance Your Experience

Although college is a fun and exciting time, itʼs important to take advantage of various resources in order to make the most of your four years.

Students walking together in the city of Shanghai
Making Connections as an International Student in Shanghai

Making connections while attending college abroad is a challenge many students face. Read to know more about how to make friends and network in China.

Shanghaiʼs skyline.
Transitioning to NYU Shanghai: 4 Qilins Give Their Advice

Chinese Nationals from NYU Shanghai give advice to their future classmates.