Weekend on the Square.

Hey there, Class of 2028!

Congratulations on reaching this exciting milestone! Your journey to this point has been filled with hard work, research, and anticipation, and now, you’re on the cusp of embarking on a new chapter with your at NYU. We’re thrilled to welcome you and want to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Throughout April, we have a lineup of events and experiences tailored just for you, designed to give you a taste of life as part of the NYU community. From academic insights to residence hall tours, from student success tips to casual hangouts, there’s something for everyone!


Your go-to resource for all things related to your transition is the Home Base, or Admitted Student Portal. Here, you can register for in-person and virtual events happening throughout April, build your calendar, access session recordings, and stay up-to-date with all the happenings.


Weekend on the Square is going to be a blend of your favorite class, a block party, a TED talk, and a support group—all rolled into one! With so much planned, we can only share a few highlights here, but rest assured, there’s so much more in store! 

School Spotlights

Get a firsthand look at NYU’s academic offerings during our School Spotlights. You’ll hear from faculty, current students, and even have the opportunity to meet with your dean. Academics are a big part of why you chose NYU, so this session is a must-attend!

Beyond the Classroom

College life is about more than just academics, and we want you to experience it all! Check out a Room Show at one of NYU’s residence halls to see where you might be living. Learn about Financial Aid, or Student Success, or dive into the NYU Trailblazers series, featuring captivating talks on topics like “The Power of Sound” or “The Women Behind the Garments.” 

Open Play at the Student Technology Center

Stop by 541 LaGuardia Place anytime between 12PM-3PM on Saturday for the STC Open House! Play some games on VR, PS5, Xbox, and more and check out the state-of-the-art computers, multimedia equipment, and gaming set-ups that are open to all NYU students 7 days a week! Learn more about the Student Technology Centers here or check out their IG!



A giant screen in the STC with a video game menu
Stop by and play some of the latest and greatest game releases at the STC
Weekend on the Square is a total blast! But don’t take our word for it. 

Here are some TikToks from last year:

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If you can’t make it to NYC for Weekend on the Square, don’t worry! We have a plethora of virtual events planned throughout the month. Join us online for panels of current students, virtual versions of Weekend on the Square programming, and opportunities to talk with advisors one-on-one. Or come in person on April Fridays for Meet Us on the Square!

We’re excited to welcome you to NYU and can’t wait for you to experience all that our community has to offer. Get ready for an unforgettable journey! First NYU … then ANYWHERE!

Hey there!  I’m Nathan Armstrong (he/him) and I have too many words in my title.  But basically, it’s my job to oversee events for Undergraduate Admissions, like October Open House and Weekend on the Square.  As a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and native Californian, I’m embracing my love-hate relationship with seasons.  Outside of NYU, I’m a working improv actor and produce my own improvised musical (now in its 9th year)!  I’m also an avid board game fan, and have lost many hours to Dune: Imperium.