Prerequisite courses are required for students applying to transfer to Stern School of Business and for a second bachelors’ degree at the Meyers College of Nursing. Applicants will enter these courses through their NYU applicant portal.

Submitting Your Prerequisite Courses

First you will log in to your NYU applicant portal using the NYU credentials we share with you within a few days of applying. Then you will locate the link to “Update Prerequisite Courses” which will appear in the upper right on a desktop or below the checklists on a mobile device. This option will only appear for students transferring to the Stern School of Business or applying as second bachelor’s degree candidates to the Meyers College of Nursing.

Update Prerequisite Courses button on NYU applicant portal.

The prerequisite courses page begins with instructions. The instructions include a deadline to complete this requirement. You enter only the courses that fulfill the specific prerequisites we are asking for (not your full academic record). If you applied as a second bachelor’s degree candidate, any prerequisite courses provided on the Common Application will be pre-loaded on this page.

Prerequisite courses page where you will enter your course information.

You update each course by clicking on the course name. New courses are added by select “Add Courses”. Either action will open the pop-up window shown below where you will update and/or enter your course information.

  • Institution: School where you took the course.
  • Course Name: Name as it appears on your transcript.
  • Number: Course Number as it appears on your transcript. This may be a mix of letters and numbers.
  • Term: Select the term you took the course.
  • Type: Select whether the course was offered in a quarter, semester, or trimester system.
  • Credits: Enter the number of credits as it appears on your transcript.
  • Grade: Enter the grade as it appears on your transcript. This may be a letter or numeric grade or “IP” for in progress courses.
  • Taken Online?: Answer yes or no for if this course was taken online.
  • Repeated Course?: Answer yes or no for if you repeated this course.
  • Prerequisite Course: Select the prerequisite that this course fulfills from the list provided.
  • Prerequisite Fulfillment: Select “Yes”.
Pop-up window used to enter details about a specific course.

When your information is complete, you will certify it and submit.

Certification of prerequisite courses once all information is complete.
A Few Tips

First, if your courses are in progress, enter “IP” as the grade.

Second, if you didn’t list a school on your application where you took a course email [email protected] and we’ll add the school for you. Then you add the prerequisite courses completed there.

Third, the page uses pop-ups. Turn off your pop-up blocker to update or enter courses.

Fourth, ALL fields are required in the pop-up window and since you are only entering prerequisites the answer to last question about prerequisite fulfillment is always “Yes”.

Finally, after you certify your course information is complete the checklist item for prerequisite courses will complete within one business day (it’s not instantaneous).

Additional Program Requirements

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