A…(n Opening Act)

What’s due when? What monologue should I choose? Will I get in? As your Tisch Drama artistic review approaches, these may be some of the questions you find yourself trying to answer. Take it from me, someone who probably spent a few hours too many scouring Reddit threads and YouTube comments trying to find the “right way” to go about my artistic review, there really is no perfect audition. However, there are are a few steps you can take to set yourself up for success. Here are some tips and tricks I learned to help guide you through the Tisch Drama application process, from A to Z…er, F.

Three students in a play onstage, sitting and laughing.
B…(efore the Curtain Can Rise)

Before you can show the evaluators everything you’ve got, make sure you’ve prepped! I can’t tell you enough how valuable it is to check the deadlines, guidelines, and requirements religiously. (I incorrectly converted my audition time between time zones and nearly missed my artistic review!) In addition, I recommend you try to familiarize yourself with Tisch Drama. Is there an acting studio that piques your interest? Are there any theatre studies research programs you want to pursue while here? Maybe there is an on-campus NYU Tisch organization that focuses exclusively on one of your passions. Dive into what makes Tisch Drama the program for you! Before you audition.

C…(heck One, Two, Three...)

So now that you’ve checked your deadlines, dates, and documents, you have one task left: material selection. While it is easy to fall into the trap of searching for perfect monologues, I suggest you choose material that really resonates with you. Choose what you believe will best showcase your talents. Maybe it is that monologue you’ve been workshopping in your theatre class for the past two years. Or maybe it’s a new internet find you feel lends itself well to your strengths. Either way, selecting material you think will demonstrate your talents is the most important thing. Then, trust it!

NYU Tisch Drama students after a performance.
The last performance of my Rehearsal Project, the spring performance project at the end of your Stella Adler Studio primary training.
D…(on’t Forget to Breathe!)

It’s showtime! On the day of your artistic review, I suggest getting ready for your audition in the ways you know are best for you. Maybe that’s focusing on the moment before, warming up, or simply keeping your mind quiet. Whatever it is, try to give it to yourself so you can enter your audition feeling your best. At that point, it’s not only the time to show the evaluators everything you’ve prepared, it’s also the time to lose yourself in the character, story, and moment. It’s time to have fun!

A drive-through theatre with overlapping text that reads “And now…it’s showtime.”

You’ve done it! You performed your monologues for your evaluator, and now it’s time for your post-audition interview. For this segment of your artistic review, remember authenticity is key. This is your opportunity to communicate your artistry, aspirations, and point of view. This is also your opportunity to share your knowledge of Tisch Drama and the specific programs you hope to explore in your creative journey here. So, with each answer, try to be mindful of who you are and communicate your many different facets. 


NYU Tisch Drama students giving a final bow.
Final bows from a Stella Adler Studio student cohort after their Poetry Projects, individual performance pieces that include text from multiple poets/playwrights.
F…(ade to Black)

Following your artistic review, take a deep breath! You’ve done all you can—you’ve prepared, performed, and discussed. Now it’s out of your control. While it’s easy to go back and scrutinize everything you’ve done, try to sit in the moment and be proud of yourself. You stayed true to yourself and your craft. At the end of the day, you embraced preparation, your vision, and your artistry. Now you can embrace your future. You’ve got this!

Hailing from Las Vegas, Rohun is a third-year Drama student with a minor in the Business, Entertainment, Media, and Technology. Alongside the Admissions Ambassador program, he has been active in the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council, All Asian Arts Alliance, and Tisch Arts Rep. Core. He is a hot chocolate connoisseur, Monopoly enthusiast, and is always on the hunt for a good slice of pizza.