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Now, there are plenty of ways to plan for the summer. You might be thinking to yourself: what can I do to help better prepare for the upcoming year? Or, what kind of high school program might I do to help prepare me for college? There are so many choices available to students nowadays, it can be hard to pick just one. And, you want to make sure that whatever high school program you’re devoting time to, it’s something you’ll be interested in doing. At NYU, we have so many ways to help improve your skills over summer, you’ll want to attend them all.


High School Programs often talk about college preparation, but what does that really mean? The College Access Leadership Institute at New York University prepares students for the college admissions process. Over the course of a week, this free high school program brings together students from around the country. Rising tenth and eleventh graders get the chance to work with admissions counselors and other experts on how to pick the right college for you. And, you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about our own community here at NYU. Also, you will learn the important nuances of financial aid, the application process, and discovering best ‘fit.’

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The Simons – NYU Science Exploration program is a great opportunity for those interested in the STEM fields. And, as a free high school program, students spend three weeks at NYU participating in lectures and labs led by some of the world’s leading scientists at New York University. You’ll build your STEM skills while making connections with talented peers and faculty. And, you’ll get a chance to live and learn on NYU’s campus with your peers. Rising high school seniors are encouraged to apply to this fantastic opportunity. But, this isn’t the only STEM opportunity for students! NYU offers many chances for you to get a closer look at STEM fields.

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CMT Summer Math Program for Young Scholars brings together high school students interested in taking their math skills to the next level. For Summer 2022, this program will be offered completely online for students. And, you’ll be able to participate with students from around the country. This three-week high school program introduces you to number theory, group theory, graph theory, combinatorics, as well as logic and methods of mathematical proof. And, you’ll be taught by NYU Courant faculty. Students work collaboratively to help build and improve upon their mathematical skills.

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We know you have plenty of choices when it comes to summer high school programs. And, we hope that you take into account what they have to offer. High School Programs at NYU give you an opportunity to live and learn on a college campus with your peers. And, you’ll reach new heights getting college preparation or diving head first into STEM topics. Also, you’ll get a chance to meet and work with fantastic faculty. These programs are designed to help prepare students for college, while giving them fresh opportunities. We hope to see you join one of our programs this summer!

Andrew LaVenia is Associate Director of Operations for University Programs. When he’s not introducing middle and high school students to summer programs at NYU, he’s writing short stories or on the field as a part of the NYC Ramblers, the country’s oldest LGBTQ soccer league. He earned his BA in Psychology from Boston College and completed an MA in Higher Education & Student Affairs from the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at NYU.