To visit NYU while in middle school or wait until high school? That is the question.

Many may argue that middle school is too young a time to take a tour of a college campus, but I beg to differ. While it may be too early to know what college or university is the best fit for you at this point, it is the perfect time to learn what colleges and universities actually are. Through understanding the purpose of higher education institutions, middle school students can begin to have these conversations with their friends, teachers, and family members earlier. High School should not be the first time you learn about the next step in your academic journey.

The NYU College Connections program provides middle school students with the opportunity to visit NYU’s campus and learn about the importance of attending a college or university. Each session goes over some commonly used terms when speaking about the college admissions process. Our middle school students have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities that show them important actions they can take between the seventh and 12th grades. By the time the session is over, participants will begin to think about what colleges may be a good fit. Most importantly, we also reserve the time to answer all of your questions regarding this process.

Here are the top three reasons why you should start your college research process as early as middle school:

Ninth Grade Is Right Around the Corner

When college admissions offices are making their decisions, academics tend to drive their decisions. We typically search for three to four years in the core academic areas, and yes, we will be checking your grades in these courses. What we find is that many students don’t do as well during their first year. Too many students wait until they begin high school to research where to apply. This may prevent them from being able to take advanced classes. Additionally, they tend to realize the importance of their grades when it’s too late.

A female student reading a book in the library stacks.
Explore NYU’s Campus Without Walls

NYU has a unique campus structure. We are a university without walls and want you to experience it for yourself. Every College Connections information session ends with your own tour of our campus. During the tour you will get to see several of our key university buildings and learn about their purpose in supporting our students. Many of our admitted students tell us they knew NYU was the school of their dreams after visiting our campus for the first time; why not get a head start?

Learn About Other Opportunities to Get Involved

College Connections is just one of many opportunities to learn about NYU and the life of a college student. Attendees will leave this experience with resources connecting them to other middle school and high school opportunities NYU has to offer.

Middle school students seated in an auditorium.

I know it may seem early to think about college while in middle school. But it is important for you to know that there are people out there rooting for your academic success. That includes us here at NYU. Let us help you answer any questions you might have. We believe in you and want to help out any way we can. Hope to see you soon.

By day, Jimmy Suarez is the Director of Planning and Program Development at the NYU Office of Undergraduate Admissions. His work primarily focuses on creating pathways to NYU – and higher education in general – for middle school and high school students. By night, you can find Jimmy in the video gaming world. PS4 is his console of choice and RPGs and Action/Adventure games are his favorite genre.