NYU students posing in front of large NYU letters.

Saying Goodbye to Undergrad

“Is College Worth It?” “Is NYU?”


This is my final semester of undergrad at NYU, cue all of the tears. Leaving brings a lot of feelings, all of which are bittersweet. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the saying “college goes by too fast.” I hate to say it, because I always got so annoyed hearing that, but it’s true. College is an amazing time that will end up in the rearview mirror faster than you anticipate. During your college search, you’ll probably find yourself asking, “Is it worth it? ” If you find yourself considering if NYU is worth it, I can say with confidence that it depends on who you are as a student. Looking back on my time, I have so many fond memories and experiences. NYU helped me grow into the person I am now. Looking back, it becomes clear that NYU was absolutely worth it, for me.



The author and their friends.

Building Relationships

Luckily, I had Project OutReach. The Project OutReach program is a one-week session where newly admitted students build community. Through the lens of community service and social justice, students are able to explore New York City and build knowledge about these topics.

During my time in Project OutReach, I met so many amazing people—including my friend Vy! Our friendship led to so many tangential adventures and shenanigans. Throughout our time together at NYU, we managed to take at least one class together every semester. To this day, we still manage to make it to reunion brunches and gallivant around the city.

One of the perks about NYU is that they WANT you to find your people. The programming and community welcomes you with open arms. As an introvert, I had my doubts about fitting in here. But now, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Professionalism and Beyond

During my first year, I became part of the Admissions Ambassador community. Before NYU, the only jobs I ever had were in customer service at the Gap, Dunkin’, and my family farm. I had no clue what I was doing academically, let alone professionally. When I applied to the ambassadors program, I fully didn’t expect to get it. I was an introvert applying to a program that seemed inherently extroverted. But I got it!

My experience as an ambassador helped me become who I am today. It took me out of my shell, made me more comfortable as a public speaker, and helped me grow professionally. As an ambassador, I developed social media, marketing, public speaking, and public relations skills that helped me land my various internships. It made me more confident in my academics and helped me grow as a professional individual.

The author on the steps of an NYU building.

Around the World and Back Again

At NYU, I’ve had so many amazing experiences around the world. In New York City, I made it my personal mission to go to every possible concert I could attend. During my time here, I’ve seen Ariana Grande (multiple times), Sam Smith, Lorde, Gus Dapperton, Rex Orange County, H.E.R, and so many more. I’ve been able to go to Broadway shows, check out my favorite spots from Sex and the City, and brunch excessively.

NYU has also let me travel the world. As an undecided student in the College of Arts and Science Presidential Honors Scholars Program, I traveled to Florence and Prague. This program allowed me to learn about issues and topics around the world, then visit the locations we learned about. This experience was eye-opening, and it exposed me to academia from a global lens.

The author and his friends abroad.

Is It Worth It?

Is NYU worth it?

In my opinion, yes. NYU is an amazing place, with amazing opportunities right within your reach. I never could have imagined I’d get the chance to write for Paper magazine. I never thought I’d get to hold so many student-leadership positions. And, I never thought I could have been so academically challenged and encouraged. But it all happened.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad to be leaving. It truly went by too fast. But when I look back, I’m proud of what I did here.

NYU is like a fine cheese. It’s either right for you, or it’s not. When I gave tours in person, I encouraged students to go out into the world to find their match. The school, opportunity, job, position, or calling that was right for them. When you find that fit, you’ll know, and I hope you take it.

Zachary is currently a Senior in the Steinhardt school studying Media, Culture, & Communication. He comes from a farming background and grew up working on his family owned apple orchard in southern New York – YEE HAW! Zachary spent his first two years at NYU as an Undecided student in the College of Arts and Science, before discovering his passion for representation within media and content creation. He has a strong interest in pop-culture and has interned at PAPER Magazine, writing for their ‘Stan Stories’ series about the culture of fandoms as well as pieces on numerous pop-culture updates. He has also worked in Marketing for Private Health Care Practice and Social Media for his family’s orchard and distillery businesses.