One thing I’ve learned about living in New York is that life can be unpredictable. Our Enrollment Management team was excited to welcome you, the NYU Class of 2024, to our campuses for admitted student events this spring. These events have no shortage of excitement and festivity, as well as important information to help guide you in your transition to college life. Although we aren’t able to host you in person this spring, we’ve created an online resource where you can connect virtually to NYU faculty, staff, and students. 

In times of uncertainty, our global community finds strength in resourceful solutions. And so since it’s not yet time for you to come to your new home, we’re bringing home to you. Now, we know you’ve already gotten into NYU, but there’s so much more for you to get “into.” You’ll find it all on the Admitted Student Hub!

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Get Into Academics

What sets NYU apart from the others? 

We’re a community of scholars characterized by collaboration, innovation, and incandescent teaching.

You’ll see this in action in the Academics section of the Admitted Student Hub. Here, register for virtual School Session Webinars that will provide information about the disciplines available at your school. During these live sessions, you can interact with faculty and ask questions!

And as expected, what you learn within your field of study is intended to prepare you for the world at large. So don’t miss the NYU Live Session: Beyond the Classroom—Internship and Service Opportunities Webinar. One of our very own admissions counselors will moderate a panel of current students and alumni, who will offer more insight on how to gain experience for future endeavors.

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Get Into Financial Aid

No matter where you decide to go, the cost of education will impact your next four years.

College costs will be your responsibility, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Our financial aid team combines various funds and methods to help you invest in your education.

The Financial Aid section of the Admitted Student Hub will help you get a better understanding of award packages. Sign up for a 1:1 FA Web Appointment where you can speak directly to a financial aid specialist. The specialist will go over your financial aid offer with you point by point and answer your questions.

For many students, college can also be an introduction to financial literacy. We’ve got you covered here too! Attend a Financial Education Webinar, which covers the different forms of financial aid and their respective requirements. 

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Get Into Student Life

Your next four years will be a kaleidoscope of experiences. NYU takes great pride in its ever colorful and eclectic community.

Our campus has no walls, and we’re unapologetic about that philosophy. Extracurricular activities are integrated into student life, because learning happens outside of the classroom too!

In the Student Life section of the Admitted Student Hub, view virtual campus tours guided by current students. Sign up for the NYU Live: Student Life Webinar, which will highlight how current students created community.

As a first-year student at NYU, you may be moving into a new home on one of our campuses. Attend the Residential Life Webinar and view virtual room tours to get an overview of living on campus. As a complement to this session, the NYU Live: Living and Learning Webinar further breaks down all you need to know about dining services, wellness programs, and community building.

Additionally, we know the transition to college can feel overwhelming. The Student Success Webinar covers the resources that help students succeed from their first day to graduation day and beyond!

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Get Into the Global Network

One of the perks of a liberal arts education is the freedom to construct your own education, and for some of you, that includes studying in other parts of the world!

Oh the places you’ll go! Our NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai campuses offer endlessly exciting opportunities that are rich in discovery and diversity.

Admitted to the “Manhattan of the Middle East”? You’ll discover a comprehensive look into academic offerings, residential life and even city excursions on the Hub. Make sure to sign up for 1:1 NYU Abu Dhabi Chats and the NYU Abu Dhabi Student Panel, where you can chat with a counselor directly and hear from current students.

Or has your college admittance led you to the “City by the Sea”? Browse webinars hosted by academic deans and chat with a counselor or a current student via 1:1 NYU Shanghai chats. And don’t miss out on The Real NYU Shanghai, a webinar series that will showcase the life and times of current students.

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The Hub Becomes a Home

Conclusively, these areas cover a lot of information, but you’ll discover other fun gems too. And while nothing can compare to a live experience, the Admitted Student Hub still allows you to get to know your new home before even stepping foot on it!

Remember, the internet connects us all no matter where we are. And just like that, the Hub becomes a home. On behalf on the Enrollment Management team, congratulations on your admittance to NYU! We all look forward to hopefully greeting you in the fall with open arms, but until then, all that’s left to say from across the interwebs is, “Welcome Home.” 

Dashka Gabriel, called Dash by most, is one of the Assistant Directors of Special Events and Visitor Relations in the Office of Enrollment Management. An alumna of NYU’s Public Relations M.S. program, she’s passionate about creating experiences that bring people of all backgrounds to the greatest city in the world. When she’s not running around behind the scenes, she enjoys exploring her Brooklyn neighborhood, playing (and winning!) Broadway musical lotteries, and having a solo movie night at the Alamo Drafthouse.