Washington Square Arch

I found NYU on Google. No, I’m not kidding…Google. I was 15, in my third year of high school, and I had a picture of NYC as my screensaver on my phone. I was addicted to the idea of moving to Manhattan to live out my wildest dreams. It was a little cliché, I know. But nevertheless, there I was, on the coast of Australia, dreaming of a life I never thought I could achieve.
First Impressions

At first, NYU seemed to me like a hugely complex institution. I couldn’t differentiate Bobst from Brown, West Fourth from Waverly, Tisch from Tandon, or Steinhardt from Stern. Having only visited the school through Google Maps, the Steinhardt website, and random videos I found on YouTube, I had no idea about what to expect before I arrived on campus.

Now, halfway through undergrad, NYU feels like home. I know our campus like the back of my hand. I know where to find the best coffee in the Village, how to find the best music practice rooms, and what dining hall I like best (unpopular opinion: it’s Third North). But beyond all that, I have found what NYU really means to me.


If you can’t already tell, I love a good challenge. Being a student at NYU means embracing the opportunity for challenge. For different people, this “embracing” can mean many different things. Perhaps, for you, it’s academics. Maybe you’re exploring a cross-school minor or major, taking classes way outside your comfort zone, or applying for that internship. For me, as a Vocal Performance major, I spend the majority of my time analyzing and performing music. 


Yet, Unlike Most Conservatories or Other University Programs, I Have the Freedom to Explore Other Academic Avenues

Already, I have taken a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies class and two expository writing courses. Now I am learning Spanish and taking an Intro to Psychology class. I have found time and time again, that while the University puts a lot of value on academic success, it also highly encourages expanding your knowledge base and challenging yourself by widening your curriculum. 

Being In and Of the City

Of course, a large part of attending university is about academics. But so much of the learning and growth you experience through your time in college is also outside of the classroom. As students at NYU, we have all of Manhattan at our fingertips; New York, and all of its incredible resources, is at our disposal. No matter your interests, the city has so much to offer. As a music theatre nerd from Australia, it’s mind blowing that I not only spend hours singing and studying shows like Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, but I also get to go uptown and see the Broadway Revival live (I saw it for free  three times, thanks to NYU Box Office!). 

The life in New York City influences and changes the conversations we have in class. From business, humanities, STEM, and the arts, New York seems to be the epicenter where everything begins. We just happen to be lucky enough to watch it all unfold around us.

A Violet Community

When I think of NYU, I tend to think of the incredibly fearless students and professionals who make up our vibrant community. It is both humbling and inspiring to be surrounded by what I’m sure is the next generation of game changers. Along with the push of the New York City pace, something about the drive and energy of NYU students just projects you forward and into opportunities you never thought you’d have.

NYU Faculty

When I speak to friends, family, and prospective students about NYU, I think I spend half of the time going on about how incredible our faculty is. By being an extension of the city, we have access to professors who are leaders in their chosen fields. As a theatre student, I am taught by Tony Award winners and nominees. My friends have Nobel Prize–, Oscar-, and Grammy award–winning professors in their specific areas.

By having professors who not only teach but are also actively participating in their chosen industry, we, as students, get a clear insight and connection to the working world.

In my experience, the professors are not only highly successful and very knowledgeable, but they also express a great desire to support us as we move through our education and out into the world. There are endless opportunities to connect with the faculty, to build a relationship based on mentorship and support. The relationships and opportunities available at NYU are unlike any other place I know. Many of my peers have developed professional relationships with their professors, which turned into internship and full-time career opportunities. As a student at NYU, I feel supported and inspired by the people who lead us.


Here I am, now. At 21, a junior at NYU, with a photo of my favorite view in Manhattan saved as my screensaver on my phone. I’m a little cliché, I know. But nevertheless, here I am, in NYC, living out my dreams. I've come a long way from the girl who found NYU on Google, but NYU and NYC are still as exciting as ever.
View of Manhattan from the Empire State Building
Admissions Ambassador in Washington Square Park.

Keiarn is a junior in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, majoring in Vocal Performance with a concentration in Music Theatre. Keiarn is from the Gold Coast, Australia.