As the sun is setting, there is a rainbow over the Washington Square Arch in New York City.

The Washington Square Arch and colors of New York City.

New York City is known as one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities all over the globe. The weather could be a deciding factor that attracts numerous visitors. However, living here all year round is a different experience than a short stay. As an NYU student, you get the unique chance to live through all of New York City’s four seasons (and beyond)! Each season is distinct and special in its own way. More often than not, the weather may reach the extremes of each of season. So it is crucial to be prepared for all four seasons in New York City…

People walking along the Highline among greenery and skyscrapers during the summer season in New York City.
The Highline in Chelsea during the summer.
People walking along the Highline while the sun is setting during the fall season.
The Highline in Chelsea during the fall.


The season of style and the beginning of the school year, fall is when you’ll get used to the city. In New York City, you may experience all of the seasons during the fall. You never know what you’re getting yourself into at this time of the year. I like to think this is a perfect time for me to be creative and satisfied with my wardrobe choices. Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about being too cold or too hot. During the fall, layering comes back after the hot months of the summer season when all you want to do is DE-layer. Furthermore, the surrounding color palette evolves rapidly as you begin to notice the greens changing into the colors of the sunset.

The entrance to a brownstone residential building with Halloween decor such as pumpkins and skeletons.
A West Village brownstone decorated for Halloween.


  • Sweater weather. I am sure you know The Neighbourhood’s popular song. If you don’t, catch up! Sweater weather is real. It almost feels like it’s a competition to determine who has the cutest, comfiest sweater on the streets of New York City. I definitely recommend acquiring a few of these. They will be the stars of your wardrobe this season.
  • An umbrella is ESSENTIAL. I was without a doubt that person who put off buying an umbrella for a while. I soon realized there is no way I can survive living in New York City without one. When it rains, very often, it pours. And you do not want to be stuck without protection on the long blocks of New York City.
  • Don’t put your summer clothes away just yet. Come September 1, you may think it is time to put on a jacket. Well…that’s not always the case. It tends to be quite warm for a while until the leaves start falling. So it’s important that you still have some of those light T-shirts and shorts around.
Brown, red, and orange fall foliage.
Fall leaves.
An display of flowers and pumpkins.
The goodies of the fall season in New York City.
An NYU Admissions Ambassador holding an umbrella and wearing plastic sleeves over her shoes to prep for a tour in the rain.
Fellow Admissions Ambassador ready to brave the heavy rain on a tour!
The author outside enjoying the sun during New York City’s fall season.
Enjoying the golden fall sunshine.


Some say winter is the toughest season of them all. Winter in New York City, to say the least, can be pretty harsh. For example, you may experience freezing temperatures and snowfalls. And then there is the infamous frosty wind tunnels gusting through the concrete jungle’s urban ravines. So, overall, this season in New York City initially seems to be solely about braving and even surviving the frigid, scary conditions. However, there are many ways you can embrace the sweet holiday-season atmosphere. I absolutely adore the lights, decorations, and holiday spirit New York City offers this season. Some of my favorite activities include browsing through the Holiday Markets at Union Square or Bryant Park. They’re great spots to buy your holiday gifts or simply enjoy a hot chocolate.

The Washington Square Arch at night with a view of the Empire State Building and a Christmas trees decorated in lights for the winter season.
Washington Square Park ready for the holiday season.
  • Warm coat. I cannot stress how underestimated GOOD winter coats are. If you are well-equipped, you can without a doubt roam the streets of New York City worry free.
  • Snow boots. Snow can be a big deal in the city. Especially when New York City public transit largely involves walking from place to place. It is essential to have the proper attire and shoe gear to get where you need to be, preferably safely and not shivering because of your waterproof boots.
  • Hat and gloves. Trust me, you’ll need them. Maybe you can relate. When I was a little kid, I often disagreed with my parents about wearing my hat and gloves. (I didn’t want to do it.) Living in New York City, in the winter, finally allowed me to understand where they were coming from…and, more importantly, appreciate and truly value these two necessities.
  • Warm drinks! Turn a treat into a necessity :). I mean who wouldn’t want to blame spending that extra buck on a treat on the weather? Hot chocolate, apple cider, and tea are my go-tos when I feel completely defeated by the low temperatures outside.
  • Nourishing warm meals. Soups, stews, and warm meals are definitely my lifesavers in the winter. Fun fact: When you don’t eat well, you tend to feel colder!

For more advice on winter in New York City, read “How to Survive Your First NYC Winter!” by a recently graduated Admissions Ambassador.

People in a snowstorm in New York City during the winter season.
Enjoying a snowy evening in Brooklyn with friends.
Snow falling in front of a brownstone and onto a tree.
The author at the Holiday Market in Bryant Park.
Me, at the Holiday Market in Bryant Park!
A typical New York City brownstone steps covered in snow.
Wintery brownstone.


Recently, it seems like we jump from winter straight to summer. It gets super warm all of a sudden, and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. In fact, while living in New York City, you must be ready for an intense weather rollercoaster. One week, you may wear a T-shirt and shorts. And the next, you’re bringing back the winter parka. It seems absurd, I know, but life in New York City can be that unpredictable! Nevertheless, springtime offers so many lovely goodies. This includes flowers, sunshine, picnics, fresh fruit and vegetables, and sprees at weekend farmers markets! Finally, spring means it is almost the end of the school year. The potential stress of final exams meets the joy of summer vacation being just around the corner!


A display of various colorful bouquets.
Spring has sprung!
  • Don’t put your winter clothes away just yet. Like fall, this season might prove to be deceitful. Thus, it is crucial you have a wide range of clothing for the various possible conditions.
  • Always have a hoodie nearby (something to cover up with when spring gets shy). You never know when you can get chilly. The days may become warmer and warmer, however, as soon as that sun sets, you better be prepared for a drop in temperature!
  • Rain comes unexpectedly so have that umbrella in your back pocket (you don’t want to be stuck running to the subway in a heavy downpour). Nothing more to add. I think I already proved to you the unpredictability of precipitation in New York City.
  • Eat all the fresh fruit! A lot of fresh and vibrant fruit and vegetables are back in season during the spring. I recommend checking out the various farmers markets spread throughout the city.


Strawberries at the farmers market at Union Square.
Strawberries at the farmers market at Union Square.
Cherries at the farmers market at Union Square.
Cherries at the farmers market at Union Square.
A rain-soaked New York City street.
Rainy streets of New York City.
Pink flowers blossoming during the spring season in New York City.
Flowers blossoming for the spring!


Summer is one of the most beautiful and exciting times of the year. But it gets HOT. And I mean really hot. I’m not going to lie, this might be a very tricky time. How do you get dressed to walk around the city so that you’re not too hot but also don’t seem like you’re going to the beach and simultaneously don’t freeze in every intensely air-conditioned building? It’s a constant struggle and conflict, but you get used to it. And by that time, you simply regard the city as a sauna and cherish your AC forever and ever. No, but, seriously, hydration and self-care are extremely vital at this time. The temperatures can get extremely unbearable. So it is important to protect your head, skin, and heart :). Drink water, explore the city with friends, and catch some vitamin D in the sun (safely).

Friends picnicking on a blanket in Washington Square Park.
Washington Square Park picnics.


  • Oh, it still rains. And it rains badly. As if you aren’t tired of me preaching the importance of having an umbrella. I like to think tropical rainfalls happen in the heart of the Big Apple too.
  • Humidity…Prior to the eventual downpours, humidity can be high. The air feels warm, both early mornings and late evenings. While the sun is beaming during the day. It’s just something to get used to if you come from a dry climate.
  • Stay hydrated. Water becomes your best friend at this time. I recommend having a cute water bottle you love to empty and fill, all day long. If you’re not a fan of plainly tasting H20, putting fresh cut-up fruit or mint in your drink is a great trick. If that still doesn’t satisfy you, I love coconut water (as you can tell by the photo below). Coconut water is a great way to replenish your body in the heat and a source of several healthy nutrients.
  • Sun protection: SPF, sunglasses, hats…? You can actually get a tan in New York City. Something that we easily underestimate is the strength of the sun here. Don’t have the chance to tan on the beach this summer? Don’t fret. This is the season in New York City to get some sun. That being said, it is important you take precautions. Use an SPF lotion (some even say we should use sun protection all year!) as well as a hat or sunglasses when you know you will spend a decent amount of time outside, without shade.
A New York City street in the summer.
Summer in New York City.
The author and a salad with grilled chicken sitting outside a restaurant in New York City during the summer.
Summery, fresh lunch in Brooklyn.
People sitting outside at a restaurant in New York City.
New York City’s busy streets in the summertime.
The author holding up a carton of Vita Coco coconut water.
Coconut water is perfect for hydration.
The author at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade during the summer.
The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a perfect place for a summer walk.

New York City…

… is one of, if not THE most beautiful, thrilling, and unique cities all year round. I like to think that the fact that we get to experience all four seasons of New York City, and so many colors, is one of the best advantages to studying at NYU. There are a myriad of fun activities available, specific to each season, that allow for an endlessly exciting time all year.

An aerial view of Washington Square Park.
Washington Square Park, the heart of our NYU campus in Manhattan.

Moreover, I perceive the sometimes drastically changing and unpredictable weather to be something that keeps every day upbeat and keeps me motivated. The frigid winter time really allows us to not take the sunny summer season for granted, and vice versa!

As long as you prepare for what’s to come and remain present in each moment, enjoying the surroundings, you will never interpret the seasonality of New York City as something to fear or overthink.

The sun sets over rooftops in New York City.
A sunset rooftop view of New York City’s skyline.

Julia Pasiorowska was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. She is currently a rising senior in the Drama Program at Tisch School of the Arts, double minoring in Producing and Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. After finishing her primary training at the Atlantic Acting School, she joined The Classical Studio for her third year – where recently, she had the opportunity to play the role of Queen Hermione in her first full Shakespeare production of The Winter’s Tale. Her lifelong passion has been theatre and performing arts, however, when she is not on stage, she feels happiest in nature, exploring the city, and eating gooood food 🙂