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Elim Wu

Hi!! My name is Elim, and I am currently a Media, Culture, and Communication major in the Steinhardt school. I am also pursuing minors in Art History and Producing. I was born in Kansas but moved to the big city of Shenzhen, China when I was 8 years old- a true Wizard of Oz story! I came to NYU unsure of what I wanted to do with my major, but have slowly realized my passion for the entertainment industry. I just finished an internship at HBO Max, and will be working at Madison Square Garden this semester! I hope to eventually make a positive impact on audiences.
The NYU campus in New York City.
How I Jump-Started My Entertainment Career at NYU

Here’s a summary of how I used my Media, Culture, and Communication major and Producing minor to embark on my entertainment career.

Students celebrating the Asian community at Asia Night.
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