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Priti Ravani

Priti Ravani is an Assistant Director of Admissions at NYU. She appreciates each students' path toward education and loves to share her own experiences - both good and bad. When she's not on the road recruiting a diverse group of students for the university, she can be found spending time with her three nephews, finding the best vegetarian food in the city, or reading historical non-fiction books.
NYU flag hanging from a university building.
This or That: Economics @ Stern or CAS

Tell me you want to work on Wall Street without telling me you want to work on Wall Street.

New York City skyline.
Staff Picks: New York City–Based TV and Movies

We polled some of our admissions staff members for their favorite New York City–based movie or TV show. Find out what the media got right (and wrong)!

Two female students walking in Washington Square Park
Making the Most of Your High School Summers

Colleges want to see you are productive with your time off. Consider these factors and take control of how you spend your summer vacation.

Four characters from different movies.
This or That: Tisch or CAS Cinema Studies

Our cinema studies programs teach storytellingʼs creative and technical aspects in the broader historical, philosophical, and geopolitical contexts of film.

This or That: Steinhardt or Tisch Musical Theatre

Wondering which musical theatre program is the right fit for you? Look no further!