Rida Ali

Rida Ali packed up her dreams and moved from the suburbs of Northern Virginia to New York City to join the class of 2022 at New York University. Majoring in GLS, Rida is concentrating in Politics, Rights, & Development and hopes to pursue a minor in the Wagner School of Public Policy. When she’s not out Instagramming and exploring Manhattan, you can find her doing spoken word performances, volunteering at the Islamic Center at NYU or giving a tour in Washington Square Park whilst working as an admissions ambassador. Rida loves shopping in SoHo, trying new food, and activism on campus.
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14 Reasons We Love the Class of 2024

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The author standing in a New York City street.
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In what ways do students change after spending one year at NYU? Here is a reflection on what that experience is like and how both NYU and New York City can help you grow in such a short amount of time.