The next batch of decisions are out, and we’re constantly reminded that there are so many reasons to love the incoming Class of 2024. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d do a round up of the 14 reasons why we love NYU’s incoming class.

You’re Making Your Dreams a Reality



You’re Committed to Settling That Pizza War Debate Once and for All

You Know How to Find Your Light

How can you not when your future’s so bright?

You’re One in a Million

Line graph of Applications to NYU

Well, actually you’re one in more than 85,000, but you know what we mean.

You Know the Bobcat Is Our Mascot, but You’re a Dog Person at Heart

You’re Not Afraid to Embrace New York Winters

You’re Not Afraid to Put In the Work

You’ll Never Have to Answer the Question, “Wait… Where were you accepted?”

If the world couldn’t already tell, you’re going to NYU!

You’re Creative

I mean, just look at this Studio Art major in the making.

You Know That Reading Is Fundamental

And you won’t let a little rain stop you from taking your accept packet on a tour of the town.

You’re Not Afraid to Repeat Yourself

You’ve Already Figured Out Your Fashion Aesthetic for the Subway

You’ve Mastered the Art of Hailing a New York City Taxi

You could use one of those ride sharing apps, but this is way more authentic.

You Know the Sky’s the Limit with an NYU Degree

So it’s a good thing you don’t have a fear of heights.

No matter which campus you were accepted to, we are so thrilled to have you as part of our NYU family. You each bring something unique to our community, and we’re excited to welcome you home.

Rida Ali packed up her dreams and moved from the suburbs of Northern Virginia to New York City to join the class of 2022 at New York University. Majoring in GLS, Rida is concentrating in Politics, Rights, & Development and hopes to pursue a minor in the Wagner School of Public Policy. When she’s not out Instagramming and exploring Manhattan, you can find her doing spoken word performances, volunteering at the Islamic Center at NYU or giving a tour in Washington Square Park whilst working as an admissions ambassador. Rida loves shopping in SoHo, trying new food, and activism on campus.