Photo of Yan Liang

Yan Liang

Yan Liang is an assistant director at NYU Shanghai Undergraduate Admissions based in Shanghai, mainly working with Chinese applicants. She is passionate about sharing tales about the cities of Shanghai and New York, and supporting adventurous souls in their quest to take on global experiences here at NYU. After a few years in Seattle, she is back on the east coast of China but remains a Seahawk fan.
Student looking up at the Shanghai skyline.
Comparing Life in Shanghai and New York City

Shanghai is a lot more like New York City than you think. Check out just a few of the reasons you’ll love living in Shanghai!

Students walking together in the city of Shanghai
Making Connections as an International Student in Shanghai

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Shanghaiʼs skyline.
Transitioning to NYU Shanghai: 4 Qilins Give Their Advice

Chinese Nationals from NYU Shanghai give advice to their future classmates.

photo of campus building
NYU Shanghai’s Global Community in Four Moments

NYU Shanghai is a global community. Check out this roundup of that spirit in action.

Students sitting outside of NYU Shanghai.
5 Tips for Mandarin Beginners

Check out our tips to set yourself up for success.

photo of campus building
Make the Most of Your Campus Visit at NYU Shanghai

Seeing is believing, and nothing beats a first-hand experience. So why not visit our campus in Shanghai for an information session and tour?

A group of students sitting outside NYU Shanghai.
Why Should Chinese Students Choose NYU Shanghai?

NYU Shanghai has so much to offer. Read why Chinese nationals should consider attending NYU Shanghai over other Chinese Universities.