Majors & Programs

A student of color laughs with his hands in his pockets while congregating with peers in Washington Square Park.
Declaring Your Major Is Tradition at the NYU College of Arts and Science

Declaration Day is a time for NYU CAS students who are declaring their major to come together and celebrate.

A teacher reading a picture book.
A Day in the Life of an NYU Student Teacher

Curious what it’s like to teach preschool while also an NYU undergraduate student? Digital Ambassador Maggie shares a glimpse of her day!

A GIF of Lofi Girl writing while wearing headphones.
A Guide to Writing Majors at NYU

At NYU, English and creative writing aren’t the only options for aspiring writers!

Students walking down the street together
Cross-School Minors at NYU Have a Major Impact

With over 100 cross-school minors at NYU, you can combine your professional goals and your passions, opening up a world of possibilities.

NYU campus building
Leap into College Life and Academics With NYU Precollege

This summer, we can't wait to welcome high school students back to New York City for NYU Precollege.

Dual degree students using film equipment.
Studying Film and Business at NYU: The Stern–Tisch Dual Degree Program

Have you ever wanted to study the financing side of the film industry? This is possible at NYU thanks to the Stern–Tisch BS/BFA dual degree program.

David Obwaya, a senior student of color studying economics at the College of Arts and Science, stands on NYU steps.
An Economics Major Makes a Difference for BIPOC-Owned Businesses

David Obwaya, a senior studying economics, supports small business.

A Nursing major working in the Clinical Simulation Learning Center.
Shaping the LGBTQ+ Health-Care Landscape

A new nursing course at NYU centers LGBTQ+ health care and compassion.

Two Gallatin students looking at a red and orange Rothko artwork in a gallery.
A Gallatin Concentration Grows—and Evolves—Across NYU

With a mix of adviser insight and self-direction, students at NYU Gallatin create rigorous, individualized academic paths.

Students of color in a spice market.
26 Subjects! Choosing Your Major at NYU Abu Dhabi

In awe of the subject choices at NYU Abu Dhabi? Willing to get out of your comfort zone? Read student advice for picking the right major.