Three Black students sit in a theatre holding Playbills for the Broadway show “& Juliet.”
How to Explore Entertainment in New York City on a Budget

New York City is the city for all things entertainment! Here are fun, affordable, things to explore while you’re a student at NYU.

Eight students with their heads together in a circle.
Three Things I Wish I Had Known About Residential Life at NYU

Take it from a current student and RA, NYU residence halls have so much to offer! Discover why so many NYU students love living on campus.

think on 4th ave
Food For The Soul: Local Bagels and Coffee Locations

A current NYU student shares her favorite list of local bagel and coffee shops to help make NYC feel more like home during your first year.

The author walking down a street in Beacon, New York.
Explore New York State: Day Trips out of New York City

Want to get away from New York City for awhile? Here are some great day trips in the surrounding area.

An auditorium view of a projection screen with Welcome on a purple background.
From Homesick to Home: An International Student at NYU

NYU Stern student Annabelle describes her experience and offers advice on finding your place and community at NYU an international student.

Ivan displaying his senior honors thesis.
Why I Chose NYU: A Senior’s Reflection

Why NYU? A graduating senior offers a moving reflection on that very question and writes about what makes NYU such a special school for him.

The Washington Square Park arch and fountain.
5 Must-Take Photo Ops For Your First Year at NYU

Take advantage of these five must-take photo opporuntities in New York City, on campus and beyond, during your first year at NYU.

Students of the Phi Chi Theta fraternity in formal dress and smiling for a group photo.
NYU Stern Clubs 101

A Stern student's take on the extensive club system at Stern - the ins, the outs and how to get the most out of it!

The outside of the Catholic Center at NYU.
Spirituality at NYU: Catholic Edition

Whether you practice a religion or not, there is a home for you at NYU! Meet the Catholic Center at NYU, a home for many.

Black Student Union members sit on the front steps of a brownstone.
Club Spotlight: The Black Student Union

This club is a central part of the NYU experience for hundreds of students.