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In 1964 a young man named Martin Scorsese graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and went on to change the world of filmmaking. In his honor, the school recently established the Martin Scorsese Institute of Global Cinematic Arts. A substantial gift from the Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation made its creation possible. Building on the reputation of Tisch’s Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television and its BA Film and Television program as hubs for the best minds in production, the new institute will propel the school into the future. What’s more, it will help Tisch maintain its position at the leading edge of training and collaborative creativity in film and television, performing arts, design, dance, and more.

A group of students conducting creative research on a film set.
Welcome to the Production Center of the Future

The Martin Scorsese Virtual Production Center is a major component of the institute. This state-of-the-art center is one of the first academic virtual production facilities on the east coast. It will house studios and sound stages specially designed to train NYU Tisch students in industry-standard cinematography and virtual production technology for performance capture, animation, and live compositing and in-camera visual effects. Virtual production, the latest disruptive filmmaking technology in use in Hollywood today, relies on LED panels instead of green screens to display background scenery in real time. Therefore, filmmakers can calibrate and adjust the backdrop imagery of a scene to exacting standards on the fly—and actors can respond naturally to their digital surroundings.

Boundless Possibility. Undeniable Benefits.

Virtual production is truly meant for the next generation of film and television production. In addition to giving directors and animators immediate control over a production and actors the ability to respond to virtual environments in real time, it makes filmmaking more accessible. Instead of numerous, often far-flung on-site filming locations, a studio to set up the LED panels is virtual production’s only requirement. Furthermore, this reduces the carbon footprint associated with travel to locations and reshoots to capture the perfect shot, making virtual production more eco-friendly. For NYU Tisch students, it also means creating art of significantly higher quality with the same—or fewer—resources than before.

A bird’s-eye view of students performing on a stage.
Tomorrow’s Innovators Are Born at NYU Tisch

The Martin Scorsese Virtual Production Center will be a tremendous asset for a wide array of classes. For example, it will give students the opportunity to put what they learn in the classroom into action and gain real-time, real-world experience with the latest in innovative, collaborative technology. As one of the earliest universities to house such a center, NYU offers all students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge that can truly set them apart in the competitive field of film and television production.

With such a strong training ground for growth, it won’t be a surprise if the NYU Tisch students of today take after one very special predecessor…and change the world of film and television production tomorrow.