The Best ED I Reactions: Class of 2024

Phoebe Kingsak

Congratulations to our Early Decision I admitted students! We’re so excited to welcome the new NYU Class of 2024. We’ve been celebrating alongside of you on social, and couldn’t help ourselves. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites; here are the best ED I reactions for the Class of 2024!

Did yours make the list?

Some of you were quick to add some NYU flair to your picture...


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I’M GOING TO COLLEGE!!!! #nyu2024

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P.S. NYU swag makes the perfect gift for the holiday season. Just saying.

Some of you couldn’t believe the great news you got yesterday!

Even Awkwafina is excited for the Class of 2024 ^^^^^

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#NYU2024 💜💜💜

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We really made your day!

Jump to around :48 for the big reveal.

Y’all can’t wait to start your majors!

And a special shout out to the proud parents and school administrators who helped you along the way.

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I am extremely proud and humbled to announce that I have been accepted and will be attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for Drama. First, I would like to thank my dad for always supporting me, being my “hype man”, & always giving me constructive criticism. My mom for always keeping me grounded and for all the infinite amounts of costumes you made for me when I was little that made me fall in love with this craft. I’d also like to thank the amazingly gifted and wondrous @dierdre_friel who guided me through this process. For without her support, I could not have made it to this point. To my acting inspirations, Mr. Denzel Hayes Washington and the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman who both continue to make me reflect on the hard work and dedication one needs to succeed in this art form. & a many thanks to all of my family and friends who supported me through this process. #NYU2024 #TischDrama #Tisch #OneGoalDown #ManyMoreToGo #BestChristmasEver🎅🏻#LOVELIKETYL3R Now the real work begins. – CSD

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Congratulations again to the newest members of the NYU community! We can’t wait to meet all of you in the fall.

Welcome home.


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