The view of the interior first floor of NYU's Bobst library

  • Use this guide to find the best study spot for you based on your star sign!

Are you an NYU student who wants to switch up your study routine with a change of scenery? Looking to establish one but need to find the perfect spot first? Come gaze at the stars with me, and let your star sign guide you toward your perfect study spot on or near campus. Whether you’re an incoming NYU first-year or a soon-to-be NYU alum, there’s inspiration for everyone. 


a Gif of the dates of each astrology sign

Not sure of your sign? Use this handy chart!


Katzell Lounge, Kimmel Center for Student Life
A wide view of the Katzell Lounge with a few students enjoying a chill study session

Assertive and enthusiastic Aries is always brimming with ideas and eager to be the source of novelty. More importantly, they’re eager to share these ideas with others. The collaborative, vibrant, yet calm environment of the Katzell Lounge in the Center for Student Life (7th floor) is the perfect place for you to express yourself and stay focused all at once.


Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park on a summer day with clear blue skies and the arch in the distance

Taurus’s penchant for seeking out the beauty in all things makes Washington Square Park an ideal study spot for them, especially at the height of Fall and Spring. Let the natural beauty of the park inspire, motivate, and energize you.


University Hall Commons
A vacant view of the University Hall commons

Gemini prioritizes clear and abundant communication. They interact with the world around them through the power of their words. With enough concentration, Gemini can forge connections between anything. The University Hall Commons is the perfect forum for group collaboration and solo work, whichever one Gemini happens to be in the mood for that day.


9th Floor Lounge, Kimmel Center for Student Life
A wide view of the lounge on the 9th floor of Kimmel

Comfort draws out Cancer’s productivity. Of the spots on this list, the Kimmel 9th Floor Lounge provides the most comfort along with gorgeous views of Washington Square Park (you can wave to the Tauruses!).


Lower Level 1 Commons, Bobst Library
The Bobst LL1 Commons with plenty of tables and seating available for students and a quiet reading room for study

When it’s time to hunker down for exams, and you need a plan of attack, the Bobst Lower Level 1 Library Commons is the perfect environment for Leo to come up with the strategies that will get them through the season. Many students post up here during exam time for the same reason, and Leo–in their trademark style–stands to benefit from drawing on the studious energy that those around them are giving off.


Vanderbilt Hall Courtyard, NYU Law
The courtyard of Vanderbilt Hall on a sunny day. The central area is surrounded by benches and trees.

Virgo values order above all else. They are able to solve any problem–see clear through any mystery– with their powers of organization and deduction. What better place for Virgo to maximize their productivity than the courtyard of Vanderbilt Hall, the home of NYU Law?


North Reading Rooms, Bobst Library
A student on a laptop in Bobst Library.

Libra’s greatest strength is their ability to see any issue from all angles and take in different perspectives. Given this, working in groups can sometimes prove challenging for them. The silent North Reading Rooms in Bobst Library (located on floors 4, 6, 8, and 10) would serve Libra best in solo or group work.


Lower Level 2 Study Area, Bobst Library
A view of the Bobst LL2 study area with rows of screened desks

Scorpio prefers to move in silence, and you won’t find a quieter space in the entire city than the Bobst Lower Level 2 Study Area. Absolute silence is the policy on the bottom-most floor of the library. Moreover, they prefer to jump head-first into their work and prefer to minimize distractions, making Lower Level 2 the perfect place for them to work.


Pier 46 at Hudson River Park
A view of the Hudson River from Pier 46 at sunset

As someone who values freedom, Sagittarius needs a space as expansive as their minds. Pier 46 at Hudson River Park is an ideal spot for them to settle in with gorgeous views of the Hudson River and let their ideas flow.


Sosnoff Lounge, Stern School of Business
The Sosnoff Lounge, vacant, with rows of desks on the floor and lanterns hanging from the ceiling

Methodical and high-achieving Capricorn would find themselves right at home in the Sosnoff Lounge in the Stern School of Business. Surrounded by others who excel at strategic thinking and persevering through adversity, they’ll be capable of their best work here.


Reference Center, Bobst Library
The Bobst Library Reference Center with ground floor seating and an indoor balcony area.

Studying in the Reference Center on the first floor of Bobst Library would be best for Aquarius. As someone whose greatest desire is to bring originality into everything they do, being able to quickly reference just about everything that’s been done before using the materials found in this section of the library would be useful.


Riese Lounge, Tisch School of the Arts
The Riese Lounge on the ground floor of Tisch with couches, tables and a wall monitor.

Pisces are the creative tour de force of the zodiac, so it’s only natural that they’d fit right in at the Riese Lounge inside the Tisch School of the Arts. Perfectly content with listening and observing, there is lots of inspiration for Pisces to use in their work.

Extra Credit: Use Your Mercury Sign Instead

Many aren’t aware that there is more than one celestial body that influences our identity, our behavior, our sense of self, the way we are perceived, and more. One such body is the planet Mercury, the planet that governs communication, thinking, and intellect. In other words, it’s the perfect guide for picking out a spot for an extra powerful study session. Don’t know what sign your Mercury is in? Check out websites like CHANI and input your date, time, and location of birth to find out in seconds!

Of course, nobody is saying you must to choose the spot that matches your sign. Pick whichever resonates with you the most, and happy studying!

Hi, I’m Christian (he/him), and I’m an Operations Assistant in the Department of Undergraduate Admissions at NYU! I’m also a graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts (’22) with a BFA in Drama and minors in Applied Theatre and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. When I’m not at work, you can catch me in action as a part-time Twitch streamer, painting miniatures, playing Balatro on PC, or wandering up and down Manhattan.