While juggling classes and work, finding personal time is a rare luxury for me. However, even if a whole day off seems like a distant dream, I make a point to carve out an hour or two every day to unwind, either alone or with a friend. And, let’s be real—what’s a better way to kick back than to grab a sweet treat and relax at a spot that feels just right?

So, here’s the inside scoop on where to score some sweet treats around campus and the perfect spots to unwind after a day filled with classes!

My favorite sweet treat spots around campus!

1. Maman

This is one of my favorite spots around campus, Maman is a cafe on University Place (right by campus!). They have a lot of seasonal beverages and pastries—perfect if you like trying new things! My go-to order here is definitely the lavender hot chocolate. They also have brunch on the weekends, so it is the perfect spot for catching up with friends.

Two students hold hot beverages and smile.
With my roommate on one of our outings to Maman!
2. Lazy Sundaes

Did someone say boba? This is my go-to spot for a sweet drink after class (specifically their Thai iced tea). They also have Korean shaved ice, which is perfect when spring rolls around! It’s also located right on campus on Waverly Place. It’s a quick walk between classes if you’re ever craving something sweet.

The logo of Lazy Sundaes painted on a white brick wall.
3. Mille Feuille

If you’re a big sweet treat enthusiast, this spot should definitely be on your list! They have a lot of pastries you can pick from and also drinks, so you’ll get the best of both worlds. It is a French patisserie so the pastries are always a hit! It is a one minute walk from the Kimmel Center for University Life, so if you’re studying for exams and need a quick snack break, this is the perfect spot!

Pastries lined up in a display case.
The pastries here are definitely my go-to!

My favorite spots to unwind after a long day!

1. Elizabeth Street Garden

If you’re looking for a hidden spot to unwind and read, then this is the perfect spot for you. When it’s springtime and the flowers are blooming it is really pretty here! There are a lot of benches and nooks, so I love going to the garden to read a book or work on schoolwork. Shout-out to fellow ambassador Liv for introducing me to this spot!

an aerial view if Elizabeth street garden
Isn’t it gorgeous?
2. NYU Law School Courtyard

Even if you’re not a law student this is still a great spot to go for a quick lunch break or just to gather your bearings. I often find myself here on Sunday mornings with a bagel soaking up some sun! Since it is right on campus, it’s pretty convenient to pop by for a break and unwind for a little bit.

A tree frames the NYU Law School courtyard.
The benches and tables make for a perfect study spot!
3. The Piers on the West Side Highway

This is quintessential New York! If you want to watch a gorgeous sunset, this is the perfect spot. You get a nice view of the skyline. There are a lot of relaxing activities you can do while you’re here or you can do homework with a pretty view. My friend and I often have picnics here, so it’s also a great spot to spend some quality time with your loved ones!

Sunset from the pier
The sunsets are always my favorite part!
Anjana and her friend are on the grass at the piers
Here, my friend (and fellow ambassador) Liv and I, are enjoying the sunset at the pier!

I am currently a senior in the Class of 2024 at the Tandon School of Engineering studying Business and Technology Management concentrating in Strategy, and I also have a minor in Bioethics. I am originally from India but I grew up in Dubai, so I’ve kind of been all over the place. When I’m not working for Admissions Ambassadors or studying you can find me at the closest boba shop or bookstore. And I spend the rest of my free time being an avid Taylor Swift fan.