NYU’s artistic opportunities inside and outside of the classroom make it possible for all students to get involved in performing, regardless of major.
When applying to college, I was certain I would have to choose between my interests.

I’ve loved performing for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I played several instruments, sang in choir and wrote music, and participated in community and school theater. For a while, I even considered studying performing arts in college. I ultimately decided to study another passion, education, and was worried that I would not find a school where I could also show off my artistic side too. However, NYU is a school where it is possible to pursue multiple passions! Here’s how to get the best of both worlds as an artistic student without a performing arts major.

In the classroom

Be creative with your core requirements!
  • I was able to take Dance as an Art Form for my Steinhardt Expressive Cultures requirement! Choreographing dances for class was a great way to get out of a traditional classroom and out of my comfort zone.
  • Be sure to communicate with your academic advisor and research different core offerings that let you express yourself.
NYU Departmental Performing Arts Ensembles
  • NYU Steinhardt has a number of musical ensembles that are open to any NYU student by audition. Last spring I joined the World Voices Collective, a Soprano/Alto choral ensemble that I can count for class credit!
  • Lately, it’s been so wonderful to have a musical outlet built into my class schedule, and I look forward to our concerts at the end of each semester.
  • Students can audition for 10 different types of musical ensembles through Steinhardt!
A group of singers dressed in black standing on risers.
Performing in my choir concert last spring
Use Your Elective Credits
  • Tisch, Steinhardt, Gallatin, and CAS have a number of artistic electives open to all students. 
  • Want to add the arts to your degree? Cross school minors are available in:
    • Music (CAS and Steinhardt)
    • Educational Theater (Steinhardt)
    • Dance (Tisch)
    • Performance studies (Tisch)
    • Producing (Tisch)
  • Again, meeting with your academic advisor is a great way to figure out how to fit these courses and cross-school minors into your schedule.

NYU Clubs

Even though my first year was primarily virtual, joining an a capella group, Ani V’Ata, was a great way to find meet people. I was able to find Jewish and musical community in one place and made some of my best friends! Since then, I’ve performed on campus and even recorded an EP! (Listen to us on Spotify!)

All of the NYU a capella groups at AcaBrawl last spring!
Screenshot of a Spotify album page called
The a capella group I'm in recorded an EP!

NYU clubs include every type of performing arts group you can think of, including:

  • A Capella 
  • Theater 
  • Improv/Comedy 
  • Dance

For a full list of active student groups, check out NYU Engage. The best part of NYU clubs is that they’re not school specific- anyone can participate. 

In the City

There are opportunities to perform and take in the arts everywhere you go in New York City! On campus, ScholasTix and NYU Skirball have reduced-price and free tickets for events on and around campus.

Additionally, some of the undergraduate residence halls will take residents on free excursions to performances and experiences around the city. I’ve also seen similar programming done for NYU Welcome or through specific NYU schools and colleges.

Want to learn more about discounted tickets for NYU students? Check out my article on the topic


A hand holding up a
I loved seeing "Freestyle Love Supreme"! There was so much audience participation.
A hand holding up a
I saw "Skeleton Crew" at MTC through their 30 under 35 program.

Take a Bow!

There are so many different ways to get involved in the performing arts at NYU! You can find ways to get on stage in the classroom, through clubs, or around the city. 

NYU is the perfect place for students with multiple passions. I love that I get to pursue a degree in a unique program while also having opportunities to keep my love of performing arts alive.


Maggie (she/her) is a senior at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development studying Early Childhood and Special Education, with a minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. Originally from Southern California, Maggie is currently a student teacher working with elementary schoolers and adores the time she spends in the classroom. In addition to being an Admissions Ambassador and serving as a Community Supervisor, she is the co-president of Kesher: Reform Jews at NYU, and the Vice President of the NYU Hillel Student Executive Board. When she isn’t on campus or in the classroom, she loves to read, crochet, play music, sing in a choir, and see musicals with her friends.