The Bonomi Family Admissions Center

The NYU Admissions Ambassador program is a welcoming, fun environment for learning leadership skills and making lifelong friends!

Who are the admissions ambassadors?

If you’ve taken a tour of NYU, called us on the phone, or even emailed in a question chances are, you’ve met an NYU Admissions Ambassador! We walk around campus giving tours in our bright purple NYU merch, so you’ve probably seen us too.

We represent the NYU student experience to prospective students and their families. Of all the 300+ communities and clubs here on campus, the Ambassador program has by far had the greatest impact on me.

Reason #1 to be an ambassador: develop your leadership skills

 When you first become an Admissions Ambassador, you are tasked with creating and memorizing a personalized script for your tour. You’ll get a lot of help along the way in the forms of shadowing other ambassadors’ tours, giving “buddy” tours with other tour guides, and participating in weekly training sessions. In the meantime, you’ll be answering phone calls and greeting guests at the Bonomi Family Admissions Center.

Since being hired, I’ve developed an ability to think quickly on my feet, whether I’m responding to a prospective student’s request over the phone or answering a question from a guest on tour. You’ll learn to handle tricky situations and work under pressure. When I first came to NYU, I was scared to raise my hand in a seminar class of 25 people. Now, I’m comfortable getting up in front of 130 tour guests and introducing them to NYU.

I’m a rising senior now, and this program has definitely prepared me for life after college; I’ve learned how to manage my time, conduct myself in a professional workplace around all of our admissions counselors, and even give better interviews with my newfound improvisational and public speaking skills. Our network is surprisingly huge, and I’ve been connected to new opportunities and internships just through my fellow ambassadors. I know an ambassador who got a job offer from someone on her tour!

A group field trip to the Museum of Natural History for a storytelling workshop

Reason #2: share your NYU story

The tour training process also encouraged me to reflect on my own NYU experience. When you’re giving a tour to prospective students and their families, you’re sharing a part of your life with them: the clubs you’re in, the classes you’ve taken, the communities you’re a part of, and even the mistakes you’ve made along the way! In turn, they can see themselves in your stories and begin to picture what life at NYU might look like for them. It’s a really special experience, on both sides!

I’ve had students tell me that my tour inspired them to apply or even commit to NYU. Seeing prospective students get excited about NYU during a tour (or even when they walk into the admissions center!) is a great feeling, and always makes me feel grateful for the time I’ve spent at this school.

Reason #3: find your community

The Admissions Ambassador community really is a family. Every semester brings new events: ice cream socials, trips to the High Line, and pumpkin painting in the park. We’ve bonded over free food at community events, early mornings giving tours over at Tandon’s Brooklyn campus, and community-wide talent shows or scavenger hunts. But the real sense of connection comes from the little conversations or debates in between phone calls and the jokes made right before we get up to give a tour.

NYU can feel really big, so having a consistent community to call my own has felt like having a second home.

students standing in front of purple wall
Me and my friends at our yearly ambassador gala to celebrate our graduating seniors

Reason #4: work a flexible schedule

Logistically, I would say this is the most flexible job on campus. You can set your own availability around classes, clubs, internships, or anything else you have on your schedule. Plus you can pick up a shift with just a quick Slack message or email. All of our ambassadors are constantly out in the city doing cool things: interning at political offices, leading clubs, running NYU’s student government, and experiencing the city to its fullest.

ambassadors at tour podium
Me and my fellow ambassadors getting ready to give a tour


You can apply to be an NYU Admissions Ambassador starting September 1st! The first round of our application is an online form that you can fill out here, followed by two rounds of interviews.

If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone, work on your leadership skills, find a community, or even just try something new, I encourage you to apply!

Holly is an NYU graduate(!) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism and Social Work from the Silver School of Social Work. She is an admissions ambassador and has published several articles on MeetNYU and beyond, including a senior honors thesis on psychedelic-assisted therapy. During her time on campus she was publicity chair for Silver’s Undergraduate Student Government, a member of the journalism honors program, a welcome week leader, a member of her first-year hall council, and a winner of the panel portion of the Academic Research Conference. In her free time she enjoys reading, hot yoga, running, and rock climbing.